Sunday Music

I am a STAR now !
It’s all IDVs fault. He brought some Suebian kids and other exotic animals together so that my fifteen minutes of fame were concocted.
Star MAGO is pretty large, barely visible, and located in a star sign called giraffe. Invisible strength. Maybe I have moons ?
This Sunday Music is a classic, Chuck BERRYs Johnny B. Goode in the version of the Wackids. Their repertoire reaches from hard rock to Oasis.
May the coming week be good to all of us.



A technical note : I am sorry IDV, my comment on your blog did not come through. I have difficulties commenting on blogger for some days now. When I use firefox the comment box is not shown at all ; when I use chromium the box is shown, I can comment with “name / url”, but no verification follows, and the comment vanishes in the electronic abyss. I have no clue what causes this, I’m sure it will get sorted sooner or later.
I am sorry, dear readers, I can not comment on blogger right now, please accept my apologies.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Oh! I am sure you must have moons!

    and on the commenting difficulty…I think it is a WordPress glitsch.Possibly something to do with their very irritating avatar thingy. Also, from time to tie, WordPress and Blogger rattle their sabres, then settle down when threatened with sanctions!

  2. Yes, sometimes I can’t help but feel mooned Dinahmow. They swirl around …
    Nice idea to have wp & gargle stomping on each other’s sand pie kicking their toy shovels around the sandbox …

    :) Glad that you like them Savannah. They have a video of their live performance of Satisfaction., the Stones should be envious …

  3. I WANNABE A STAR!!!!!!!
    I can only comment on Blogger blogs via Google Chrome or via my Android phone. My Apple Safari kit won’t allow me to comment on blogger blogs. It’s a pain and no longer a seamless experience.

  4. Hope it helped a bit to ease the situation Melanie. No worries.

    No worries, I’m well. I just need to drink enough water MsScarlet. I read somewhere that the virus has reached your part of the UK too ? And some rain …

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