Sunday Music, Monday Edition

Last week a neighbour told me that one of the shops in this village would have been sold out, emptied. I usually take his stories with a grain of salt and so did not fully believe him. Later my codriver told me that she together with her husband went to a (different) local supermarket to buy some groceries, and found the market emptied from basic stuff : No more vegetables, rice, noodles, canned foot etc. She jokingly asked a clerk where the toilet paper was, and the answer was that they are sold out not only on this commodity, but on anything : What is left was in the shop, the storage was empty.
What do my fellow Franconians expect ? Weeks of isolation ? Nothing indicates that such a stern step would be necessary here. As I understand, in Europe only Northern Italy has put cities and areas in quarantine. And amazingly something similar seems to happen in the USA in the region of Seattle. I found interestingly not much information about this : What does “red zone” mean, when was this declared, and how are the numbers ? Perhaps this is all easily accessible on the web, but I did not find it when I looked last Sunday. I think the virus is mighty un-impressed by this.
This Sunday Music is the aria Dormi o fulmine di guerra by SCARLATTI performed by the countertenor Filippo MINECCIA (about), accompanied by the Ensemble Matheus under J.-C. SPINOSI (Ger., Eng.). I hope you enjoy the music. May the Kriegesblitze finally go to rest, so that we can enjoy a peaceful week.



5 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. Oh! Silly people are going crazy here, too. In this small city…stores have sold out of toilet paper and, when their new stock arrives, they will ration sales to one pack per person. I don’t know how many rolls in in a pack.
    And silly people are buying masses of anti-bac which is pointless since this current germ is a virus!
    But we have been having a lot of lovely rain.Gardeners are happy.

  2. His voice and the music is such a counterpoint to the insanity regarding COVID-19 here! thank you for this beautiful reminder of what human beings are capable of. Here in the USA people are starting to realize that SCIENCE, if we listen (and wash our hands), is far more reliable than Trumpito’s “hunches”!! xoxox

  3. I agree with Dinah re the Anti-Bacterial sprays flying off the shelves when what people need is Anti-viral. Never mind. I’m sure it’ll all come out in the wash.

  4. Happy gardeners ! That is something new, really Dinahmow !
    This strange toilet paper fixation is not something limited to Franconians, Germans or Europeans – as I assumed – but even affects people on the other side of the globe. We should have collective therapy.

    Eye candy for IDV – I heared him by chance in the radio. That is, my co-driver and me listened to a very nice song on the classic station, at its end title, composer and interpreter were announced, and we both were really astounded that it was not a female singing. I had not heared him before, I only “know” Scholl and Jarousky, who are both very different. Mineccia is really something special.

    A manic liar, what is there to expect ? I saw snippets of his last public appearance, and his incoherence seems to have become worse. I really think it is a late state syphilis. I also think that the last decisions regarding personal, like axing this loyal bootlicker Mulvaney for coughing or some else severe wrongdoing, implies that the guy is loosing his last marbels. I hate the very thought of it, but there may be the little creep’s exit from criminal prosecution. Anyway Savannah, let’s focus on humankind’s better implementations, basically anyone outside the White House actually.

    Let’s stay with wiski, dearest MsScarlet !

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