Boring Software Saga

What annoyed me for quite some time was the impossibility to comment on blogger with the usual browsers, firefox or chromium. This must be connected to a recent hiccup regarding the operating system’s update.
So I updated what had to be updated, checked settings, clicked & un-clicked into boxes, all to no avail. And yes, I looked into my – admittedly bordering on paranoid – cooky settings. And stuff.
Nothing. In one browser the comment box is not shown at all, while in the other one the field is shown, I can write text in, but when I try to send / verify all vanishes in the electronic abyss.
While I busily pottered around my computer’s binary bowels I noticed how astoundingly large these browsing programs have grown. Hundreds and hundreds of embees just for my silly comments to be displayed. So I looked for something smaller, and found an obscure open-source browser, seemingly of Polish origin. I like the whole thing so far, it is remarkably fast.
Ah yes, what an adventurous life. Tune in next week, when we report about bath cleaning : How to mix cleaning products for maximum effect.
Really, where shall this end : Thirty Days in the Hole ?
(From Humble Pie‘s 1972 lp Smokin’ with Steve MARRIOTT’s (Ger., Eng.) rock’n roll voice and these amazing, uncredited doo-whoo ladies.)

13 thoughts on “Boring Software Saga

  1. WOW! I just noticed that in order to post here, I’m using my WordPress account! I vaguely remember starting an account, but that’s it. Good Luck with your continued search into techville! xoxo

  2. Chrome is being difficult at the moment, and it’s made worse by my Malwarebytes – updating that seemed to speed it up a bit. But I’d be interested to hear more about your Polish browser (I used to use Opera at one time – don’t know if it’s still going, and can’t remember why I dropped it).

  3. I definitely vaguely remember that you started a wordpress account, but I think you never posted there, Savannah.

    I used chromium in a variety of derivatives, Autolycus, as Iron, Epic, and others I surely forgot. As standard I use now chromium in private mode. As I said, all of a sudden there were difficulties with the blogger comment box, in chromium and firefox. Something similar happened some months ago, but back then the issue went away as it came. Now it does not seem to turn towards the better. As I said, I updated, tried different settings etc, but nothing works. So I looked for other browsers and found “otter”. I tried it for the blogs. It wants to re-create opera 12 ; I don’t know how successful it is with that, because I never used opera. It is a small, fast browser that simply does what I want it to do, allow me to comment on blogger. The operating system is a linux.

  4. Your comment appeared on my blog, so perhaps you’ve solved the problem? I use Chrome for everything. I have tried other browsers but keep going back to Chrome for ease of use. It works for me. Hope all is well with you, Mago!

  5. I’m glad you managed to find a magical otter who has enabled your voice to be heard, Mago. Does it also grant wishes?

    P. S. I’m looking forward to the bath cleaning next week. Should I bring a gas mask in case the mixed products create overpowering fumes?

  6. Thank you Ponita – glad to see you !
    I sneeze, but this is the effect of pollen starting to flow around. A good side effect of this isolation is that I can now seriously try to give up smoking.
    The number of infected people goes up steeply, today around twelve thousand in total in Germany since the start. Yesterday circa 2800 newly infected. Not better at our neighbours. With a little luck the curve will flatten in the next week. But nobody knows about long term consequences – can that damn thing be eradicated, or do we have to live with it ? We’ll find out anyway …

    This otter does a lot of things, and some it does in a strange way, but I can comment on your blog(s), ha !
    Bring a gas mask IDV. It’s called “Total Disinfection” … makes tiles melt !

  7. Who allowed you up from the chaiselongue, young lady ?
    Regarding household chores – use your houseboys dearest Mistress, let them be creative with these Marigolds.

  8. The sky was a lovely palette of colors a few moments ago. The first raw mangoes have come on the markets even as the biscuit shelves are empty. Take care and stay sage and safe.

  9. Empty biscuit shelves – every nation sets priorities. The French buy wine, the Brits toilet paper and hard liquor, the Germans toilet paper and bread (no prepacked bread in supermarkets around here every second day), while Indians stockpile on biscuits. The Americans buy guns – if they all use them it’s sort of problem solving too …

    Sadly the sun vanished Austere. Over night it became notably colder (I had to switch the heating on again), the colour of the sky changed from lovely tones of blue to a single whitish grey.
    In the bushland on the opposite hill that appeared as a greyish-brown amorphous mass until yesterday, all of a sudden white plumes exploded, beautiful first blossoms.

    Thank You for the good wishes Austere, I’ll do my best to come through this unharmed. As I read Mumbai is on a partial lockdown. The virus ripping through India could be disastrous, in any aspect. But if China can win the fight against this creature, India con too.
    I hope you come through this unharmed.

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