Sunday Music, Monday Edition

And what a beautiful sun day it is ! Clear sky, clear air, wonderful sunlight – and a damn cold Eastern wind. The streets are empty. People do not actually go onto the other side of the street when they see me coming, but everybody keeps notably distance to any other human being. In the supermarket they marked areas on the floor, so it is easier to keep distance when standing in line – on the condition that one has enough brain cells left to understand what these markings mean. It is seemingly not as self-evident as the average persons thinks, as I could watch just an hour ago in a local market. Some people really radiate selfish dumbness, and act even worse than one would expect.
Maybe we should give the idea of post-humanism and the end of the anthropocene a few thoughts. (Sadly MacCORMACK has huffed a bit too much of those dangerous, yet seductive, postmodernist fumes, I think. Is there btw really something new, something that MALTHUS not already has said ?) Anyway, the misbehaviour of few does not vindicate the extinction of the whole species, possibly.
To relax I need some gentle Estonian rhythm rumble on : Velly JOONAS sings about whatever, it may be the phone book or the beauty of the Estonian forests, I don’t know and I do not want to know. She had me with “görrrbes” – ah, the beauty of the rrolling Estonian “RRR” ! I hope you can enjoy Stopp, Seisku Aegg ! (1983), may we all have a peaceful week.



12 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. Well that’s an interesting tune.
    I read today that Germany may be flattening their curve, which is good news. We might have less sensible people in the UK so our flattening days are probably a few weeks away.
    Stay safe.

  2. I’m not sure MsScarlet, I have not yet looked at the actual numbers. Yesterday was a bit of confusion, because of the weekend not all official numbers were transmitted to the central institute (Robert-Koch-Institut, RKI), so it looked possibly better than it actually is.If only the death rate stays low, last time I looked it was still below one hundred in total.
    Take good care please. Maybe, now it is a good thing that your neighbourhood consists mostly of cows.

  3. A beautiful day, indeed! I managed to spend half the day in the garden (and up the allotment).

    That was a bizarre musical interlude, but I was tapping my foot through it and considering playing it again, so thanks, Mago!

  4. The classic idiot is indestructable, dearest Dinahmow, and grows on his tasks : The further up the pyramid, the more idiotic. See actual “leaders”.

    I’m sure it is all sprouting & spearing around Hexenhäusli DeVice !

  5. There’s a meme floating around that says “I feel as if I’m a kindergartener denied recess because other kids are acting up” that’s what it feels like now because some idiots couldn’t practice social distancing last weekend and HAD to crowd the hiking trails, parks, beaches, and boardwalks here in sunny Los Angeles! It had rained all last week and the jackwads HAD to get outside. Well, since then the mayor declared that all of those places were closed and issued a stay the hell home order! We’ll get through this I know, but I do want to slap some of these bitches! xoxo

  6. When someone is approaching me on the sidewalk, I am always the one to make the first move to cross to the other side of the street. One man jogged past me from behind (close to me) yesterday before I could move out of the way. Rude!

  7. Hello Eryl – I’m flattered. Glad that you could enjoy Ms Joonas’ rrrs.

    These joggers tend to appear out of nothing Mistress, and when one hears their panting it is basically too late to step aside – especially because one never knows which side they’ll choose to swoosh by.
    I usually step aside, or correct my course, when someone appears in front of me and comes my direction. Nowadays people stare in front of themselves and ignore when they are greeted. As if they could impress the virus with their unfriendlyness.
    Time to start my daily expedition, ach

  8. We have the dramatic looking yellow and black tape here too. There’s one fatal flaw in this laudable intention: do I have to throw the money at the cashier?

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