Ah, what ?

Excuse me please, I may be rambling. It may be a combination of too much “empty” time, a working internet connection, and – ?
I do not know. The pleasure of looking at train wrecks ?
As you know venerated reader, I am “mathematically challenged”, what simply means that I can not “read” numbers. Of curse I read them, I recognise a “1”, and can translate it to “one”, like in “one finger”. But when I am confronted with large set of numbers, I become more or less, helpless.
Anyway, I read an interesting article (here, in German only, sorry) that says that there is a connection between the total number of corona infected people, and the number of people who died from corona. Of course, you may say, that is old news, a certain percentage of infected humans die. But given all the un-certainties about the “total” number of “infected people” (testing !) we can not state the number of those who will certainly die. If you look at the statistics, the numbers on a daily basis vary stark.
The virus has a long incubation time, up to two weeks. So the number of those who die right now may actually reflect the number of those who were infected two weeks ago.
Excuse me please, I put this down in layman’s terms, but I think this is the essential.
This means, if I get it right, that the number of newly infected can tell us how many humans will die in circa ten to twelve days ahead.
If this is correct, it would explain why the leading head of the German agency where all the data are collected and things come together, said that we may have reached some kind of plateau with the number of infected ; that in Germany the whole thing is far from over ; and that we will see a hefty increase in the need for intense care beds in the coming weeks – and we will see an increase of the death toll.
My question simply is, does someone publish charts on this basis somewhere ?
I looked, and found nothing. Of course this would be un-serious crystal ball gazing, but it could tell us what to expect, wouldn’t it ?
I may be totally wrong about all this. But if someone already does play around with data, it would also be nice to see some measurable effect of the social-distancing~ / shut-down~thing all together. I am sure that there is a positive effect, but can it be shown, please ?
That leaves me with the “train wreck” aspect I mentioned above. It is (no surprise here) what America does.
Germany quietly managed the intense-care-beds, and without much ado intensified the procurement or purchasing of badly needed stuff, like masks. There are reports I just could not believe when I read them first, some days ago, yesterday ? I do not know – time does not fly right now, it is a kind of maelstrom.
Anyway, there were reports of “Americans” throwing out hands of dollares to “people on the runway” to turn much needed (and in cases already payed for) materials towards other aeroplanes or what – it is all sinister. And I could not believe it, it resembles all too much an “Erzählmotiv” – a story constructed around / about motifs, here it would be the Yankee throwing out bundles of cash for getting, well, things. But there seems to be something to it. At least the Senat of Berlin – this little provincial town in Germany, you know – and French officials complaint about this. And “this” is pure thiefdom, pilferage, modern piracy, by individuals who seemingly claim to work for “Amurga”.
Startling is the fact that it really surprises nobody.
But this is just something one can expect. What one could not expect is the sheer fail [The headline is of course wrong : The virus did not rage – it rages !], the collaps of the Federal State. I realised yesterday, when I saw the visage of Mr Kushner show up in the daily shit show called “briefing”, that it is not about “help” in any way anymore (if ever, it was not), but about grabbing money. The only reason for this little creep to show up is that there is some absolutely immoral way to cash in, and be sure, he’ll find & use it.
But this is not what worries, this is not the train wreck I mentioned. The if not incestuous, but nepotistic “administration” of the little fuehrer just rattles on and on, and as he already stated, one hundred thousand deaths are a Good Job.
BUT : What the dear leader shows to every damn guv’nor, s/he be a member of the rotten party or not, is that there is nothing to expect from the federal gouvernement : “You need material, stuff, masks or machines – fuck you clown, go and buy it.”
“Yer people die, not my problem.”
If the orange abomination can say one word in any language, it is “I am not responsible”.
What we see is a terrible strengthening of all centrifugal forces in the already shaky construction of the “united” “states”. When this is over, and the dead will be counted, and the right heir of Mr Houston (still to be found) in Austin says “this was it”, this conglomerate of “states” shall never be the same. It is right now not “the same, as it ever was”. What you smell is the perfume of evaporating trust.
And trust is the only thing that keeps a human society together.
Call me an alarmist, a Depp, an un-informed foreigner, an arrogant European if you will. But you can not deny the danger of all this. The message goes not to some gun stroking guys around the camp fire in the woods, it goes right to any Capitol, fifty I think. It says clearly : Fuck You.
This damn virus does not only kill humans, it has the potential to lead to a melt down of an already divided, insecure, in-fighting society. Every already active fault line will be strengthened. It has the potential to kick over an already shaking state. Nothing will be the same after all this, there will be simply too many deaths to ignore. Even for the little fuehrer, if he will be still there.
And the next virus may be not so polite.
Sorry for the long blab. Strange times. “Worthless Clay“.

8 thoughts on “Ah, what ?

  1. I’m not a statistician or mathematician either, but as an American, I can agree with your concern/observations! We are royally screwed here. Trumpito and his wax effigy of a human being are grifters and conmen out to steal as much of America’s wealth as they can! The fear many of us have is that the divisions he and cabal have caused are deeper than we can imagine! The only hope we have, as a country, is that Trumpito’s greed and disregard for ordinary people will be so apparent that even his most loyal of supporters will realize he’s fucking us all into oblivion! I can only hope that there are more of us who hate him and what he stands for than are blinded by his bullshit! xoxo

  2. I read that his approval ratings had gone up – which leaves me totally baffled. Maybe they have gone down since I read that.
    Yes, the figures are all over the place, Mr Mags. Every country reports differently and has a different criteria, so it’s very difficult to know what is going on.

  3. It is an open kleptocracy now, the reign of the thieves, dear Savannah. The corruption is manifest.
    Up to now everything dripped off, nothing stuck. The simple receipt is “Tell a lie !” And if you are caught “Tell a bigger lie !” Worked for him all his life, why should he change ?
    I have no idea what happened in America, what made this “president” possible. How must a society feel that it gives the highest office to a rotten liar and trickster ? At least the little prick shies away from war.

    This year the “job approval rate” for this person hoovers in the 40s, dearest MsScarlet.

    I wonder if, and if yes, how many, people on Capitol hill this arrogant senator Paul infected, who did not feel the need to isolate after he had contact with people who carried the virus.
    I am not sure about this “glimmer” Looby, may be Katzengold

  4. Jared Kushner, AKA Nepotism Ken is a pasty-faced one-percenter vampire who has no clue what the working class endures. I’m fully expecting his wife, Nepotism Barbie, to pop off at some point and state that the working classes can eat cake should they find themselves low on bread.

  5. Honestly, the way for Tangerine Palpatine was paved by the election of Ronald Reagan back in 1980. Although Reagan stated that he was for the separation of church and state, his ultra-right-wing Fundamentalist views caught on, and we have been riding a red tide to the doom of democracy ever since.

  6. One more thing, which you may find amusing.
    I have a little political page on Facebook. It has a very small following. I posted this thought the other day in conjunction with a link to an article about Agent Orange saying that he won’t wear a mask. I stated that I won’t say that I wish he’d get the coronavirus. I’m just saying that it would be poetic justice if he did, and I loves me some poetic justice.
    An outraged “Facebook User” (no name, no picture) demanded that I removed the post. Of course, I refused. As I said, this page has very low numbers as far as followers, and I tend to be preaching to the choir. I suspect that the outraged “Facebook User” is a Russian bot that was scouring the Internet looking for negative publicity about our so-called “president” and expressing its outrage when finding such. Unnamed “Facebook Users” are always suspicious.

  7. Bbbut the prez is godsent you heathen !
    I don’t do fatzebuk, sorry, I thought anonymous “User” is impossible nowadays ? Didn’t the headhoncho blare about “saf’ty” & stuff, so that no anonymous account is possible ? I may be very wrong here Cara, I gave up on fatzebuk years ago, and have no real idea how this works nowadays.
    About the poster boy of nepotism is nothing to be said – circumstances you expect to find in any little corrupt country …

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