Sunday Music

For the first time in ages I cooked something here. Not “cooked” as in “pull of the wrapper, pierce the plastic surface, put the frozen stuff in the microwave, nuke it with thousand watt for ten minutes” – but cooked, as in grab a potatoe, peel it, slice it, put it in this nice, civilised porcellaine form. Ad other vegetables (!), crumble some non-feta-cheese over it (it is called “Balkank√§se”, cheese from the Balkans & made from cow milk), do not forget the garlic and the red dog – I call these little red hot Paprikas / Chilis / peppers roter Hund. It is complicated with these names, but “red dog” is simple, and everybody knows what is meant. Gut the red dog first, cut it up, and sprinkle it in the form. Perhaps I just wanted to write “gut the dog” on my blog ? The ingredients are piled up, cheese on top, a little sour cream – ready in fifteen minutes : Voila, un gratin.
Now let’s listen to some swinging music : The guitarist Albert Aloysius CASEY (Ger., Eng.) (1915-2005) performs his song Buck Jumpin’. I hope you enjoy the music, may we all be rescued from the evil.



9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Here it turned more in the direction of macdonald’s drive through, dearets MsScarlet : Mayo or ketchup ? Yes.
    A kind of enlightenment came upon me when I discovered that some stuff can be processed in a microwave while lying on baking paper. The “food” in question consists of “rolls” of undefined content surrounded by a thick crust. In this crust is so much oil or fat that when you heat the stuff, it effectively boils itself. Kind of self-combustion, self-frying. Than you stick / dip the little briquette into a sauce – another wonderful world ! Corona or heart attack ? Yes.
    No worries, I will not waddle down that road, I’ll play with the gratins – and when it fails I’ll blame the Hulots, ta !

    Carbonari – I never understood while a white sauce is called after one of the blackest professions you can find on earth … why not squirt in some octopus’ ink Dinahmow – that would ad some “zing” !

  2. Now that I’ve been working from home, I’ve been cooking a lot fewer of the peel back the plastic and nuke it for five minutes type of meals. I’ve been cooking real food more often than I get takeout. I never thought I’d see the day when I’d say that. Being unable to work a “real” job has its advantages.

  3. I need to make that! I’ll have to improvise cheese wise, of course, while we are locked in this food desert of a village, but improvisation is what home cooking is all about (for me). X

  4. I’ve been leaving the cooking to the MITM! I have made bead a couple of times, but other than that, I will wash dishes, cut veggies, and generally do whatever is needed, except cook! xoxo

  5. “Get a job” – tehee …. All this frozen stuff became a habit while driving, Cara.

    A cheese improvisation ? Maybe a bread crust, dear Eryl ? Can’t think of something else ; difficult.

    What a life the MITM has – I never had a kitchen slave. *sigh*

  6. Yup, been cooking a lot more over here too. A home made chicken and rice soup is on the stove. Plus, I just put an apple cake in the oven. Love the jazz, btw.
    Be well, stay strong and healthy, Mago.

  7. Bass’ auf Dich uff. The European countries seemingly see a decline of the cases, it could be persistent, but I think we know nothing for sure until after Easter TeuerSchaum.

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