Sunday Music

As you may already have noticed, as a regular Sunday Music visitor, I prefer short pieces, maybe a bit melancholic. A master of short, sometimes melancholic, piano pieces is Jan JOHANSSON (1931-1968) (Ger., Eng.). Without further chatter, let’s hear from his success long player Jazz på svenska (1963) (Ger., Eng.) track number three : Polska från Medelpad.
I hope you enjoy the music. May the coming week be good to all of us.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. It is a tad melancholic, but there are enough light, ivory tickling bits to lift it up somewhat. Well, at least until the discordant bits start kicking in around the 1:30 mark.
    Anyway, it is quite delightful – thank you, Mago! And have a good week yourself.

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