Sorry, I Simply Forgot to Give This a Title

Let us assume for a moment you succumbed to the raging boredom, and decided to escape with the help of a nice little action movie. The good old story of “Good” versus “Evil”, presented in a bearable fashion. And of course the car chase !
And here they go, it’s a racing. And when you realise that they are racing over unsurfaced and unfixed dirt roads – with tyres squealing & screeching that even Mr Bullitt would rise an eyebrow – then you hear a little plop when the self-inflicted illusion pops.
But not even inside shared illusions you are safe from frustration. You are in role-playing, in Dungeons and Dragons (Ger., Eng.) to be specific. You are a dingsbums master (it is not my world, sorry), but you do create stories, tasks or “quests” for your group, and you want to do something a bit over the average. So you plan (of course you have studied the 300-and-whatnot pages of rules & recommendations, after all this game is around for ages), you draw maps, you leave behind tips, hints, clues. Finally there it is, your magnum opus.
They march in, kill the goblin, and go home.
Clues ? My arse. Sophistication ? Barlewufrongsähse ?
“Hey morkork, your hand turns black!” “Oh excuse me, maybe this is related to the magic artefact I carry around …” As I was told, morkorks, or whatever they are called, are not expected to utter more than monosyllables. And grabbing an artefact that basically oozes out, radiates magic power, grabbing this highly charged equivalent of a nuclear fuel rod with the bare, unprotected hand, even a morkorg’s, is at least a little bit – imprudent ?
I think the next quest will be a less brain, more tripe.
And me ?
I tried to open a google account. Last week someone found it funny to comment on The Infomaniac using my name. Nothing ugly, but something one should not do. Then there are some blogs I’d like to visit, but before the blog is shown, one needs to proof that one uses a google account. If I want to comment on blogger blogs in a verified way, I obviously need an account. Easy enough. Until they asked for a telephone number to sent me a text message. Of course all in the name of safety, and yes, it is useful. I searched, but there is simply no workaround, so no google account for me, because I have no phone that accepts a text message. Don’t stare, please.
I only wonder what that will mean in the near future, when the all problems solving Corona-“app” will come. Maybe I will always have free space around me, because the “app” marks people like me with a little, black skull ? Or I simply vanish, go unnoticed, unrecognised. With the right shirt it should be no problem.

2 thoughts on “Sorry, I Simply Forgot to Give This a Title

  1. It’s so annoying when some poorly thought out/researched event (however large or small) – like the aforementioned screeching of tyres when they wouldn’t actually screech – occurs in a film and takes one right out of the immersive viewing experience. After that, i just find myself looking out for more examples of ineptitude. Except in certain space films – the “whoosh” of a starship flying past the camera is acceptable.

    I don’t know what to say about the telephone number part of a Google account? I don’t think I’ve had to add my phone number, but then I’ve had a Google account for years (before all this security/invasive connection stuff came up). One can, with Google Blogger blogs, set them so that anyone can comment (not just those with a Google account) which is what I’ve done, but it won’t stop the almighty Google from ignoring that setting, or preventing certain other users (WordPress, anyone?) from commenting.

    Crikey! I think this is the longest comment I’ve written in years!

  2. Plaudertasche. What made me flirt with google is the fact that our very Mistress is pestered by (a) spammer(s) who chooses other people’s names to comment. Then I could use a verified google account for commenting on google / blogger blogs – and it would be clear that a comment is by me, or not, without me having to email The Mistress. Very thankfully The Mistress and you of course, IDV, have the setting on “any one allowed”, but as mentioned the downside is spam.
    Back in stone age when 63mago was a blogger blog these security settings were unknown. And at the very beginning it was even possible to comment at blogger using a wordpress account. Ah, tempi passati

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