Heck, Yeah

Just when you think it’s okay to switch on the news again …
I could not watch the every day “briefings” in the White House, simply because after two minutes latest the feeling of Fremdscham (Eng.) became overwhelming. Maybe I should rethink. Never thought that I’d say this about this President of the USA, frankly.
Normally I go with the roundup at CNN (usually titled The 20 Wildest Lines, or similar), but today’s news made me look. I really thought it would have escaped from a satire site, but obviously, no. Disinfecting with light is nothing new, but “to bring it into people” is definitely a new & ground braking approach. Maybe we all should suck on some uv-lamps. Better gulp it down and shine from within.
And then there’s the alcohol. Finally something I can relate to. Our trusted Franconian disinfectant is Sylvaner, and boy, we can use it ! But injecting ?
Mankind injected a lot of things over the last maybe 150 years, I do not know since when modern needles were produced. But I guess the common consensus is that injecting “for cleansing” is not necessarily good, unrewarding. Where’s the high in that ? Take advice from a man who knows (play it loud, raw & unwashed) :

I guess I have to rethink my attitude towards Mr TRUMP. Having watched his last happening, I think it is adequate to speak about him as the Greatest Living Performance Artist. He’s better than his friend & fan Kanye WEST ; forget ABRAMOVIC (Ger., Eng.) and Co, who still wrestle with old concepts of “meaning” or “sense” in any way : TRUMP easily transcends this, is the pure moment, and whatever comes a-way, the real Steppenwolf.
Excuse me now, I have to disinfect.

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  1. Oh, let’s just nuke the virus, that’ll see it off good an proper.
    Did you read about the French study regarding nicotine patches to see off the virus? I hope that one works, but sadly I seem to have now given up nicotine completely. If I ever write another blog post I will tell you why.
    Now, where is my disinfectant…

  2. *cough* French study ? Maybe it works for Gauloises, but for English women ? I think it went downhill since they did not use black tabacco anymore – at least the “Golos” you can buy here are blond. And there are no more Gitanes around, sadly. I really believe these were able to kill any goddam’ virus. Similar to the German Reval, they dripped from tar anyway …
    I am eagerly awaiting your next post – and so is the rest of the world MsScarlet !

  3. Took me a little bit to find the study about nicotine and the actual virus (here). It is a “hypothesis” and when you look at the conclusion (last two paragraphs) it is far from anything like “safe”, “sure” or “consistent”. It is poking around in the dark, mit der Stange im Nebel rumstochern, nothing else. Sorry MsScarlet, I don’t believe that a nicotine patch will be of any help or value.

  4. He’s a damned idiot! Anyone who voted for his is a fucking moron, no matter what intellectual argument was used to justify their vote! He needs to resign immediately, take Pence with him, let Nancy Pelosi take over, and finally clean out the damned bottomfeeding criminals Trumpito put in the White House! But, that’s just me. xoxo

  5. Sorry Savannah, it’s a life production, you can not interrupt. And the second season is already in the making, starting this November. The cast will be the same, why change a successful team ? Barr, DeVos, Graham, McConell, Miller, Navarro – you name them, GOd all these lovely characters will return, no worries.
    And you know what ?
    In the not so distant future we will be allowed to witness a real marvel. There will be people lined up wearing hospital gowns in light blue, perhaps in green, some will have (useless) stethoscopes over their shoulders marking them as doctors. With wide eyes they will stand there, like the Greek chorus. And then the Greatest Living Performance Artist will step up to the lectern, open his arms and start to croon about OUR HEROES.
    It will be great !
    Fortify your wine, fortify yerself for this moment, it will be greater than great !

  6. *bing*

    There. I have done as you requested, Mago! I am alive and well. I am still working. I am not infected ~ I think (I have no symptoms and have not been tested).

    I agree wholeheartedly with Savannah that the fat orange slug needs to leave the White House posthaste! There is nothing artistic or heroic about him and his cronies at all. We can only hope they all become infected and are taken out of commission permanently.

    I was going to do a new post on my blog, but Blogger has decided to hide the ‘new post’ button. So until that returns, I will make occasional appearances here and there in the blogiverse. Hope you are safe and well.

  7. I am very happy to see you “bing” !

    This blogger seems to be a little Fregger – this is a Franconian word I can not translate (it’s not really bad ) – lately ! Good to learn that you have no symptoms etc., may it stay this way.
    I guess all your house renovating and what else you had on your list, was halted after all what has happened. I am just too curious, excuse me Ponita. I hope blogger will re-install this button, so that if you feel like it, you can write a bit – I am sure there are more dedicated readers than just me !

  8. Mago, my plan to sell my house this spring is definitely on hold… for two years. I figure it will take that long for the real estate market to recover sufficiently. Even though my little house is quite modest, I still want to be able to get a decent price without it sitting on the market for a very long time. So I will wait.

    That wait means the things I need to do to spruce it up can be done a bit more leisurely. Which is okay, as it isn’t as physically (or financially) tasking. It is what it is.

  9. I don’t have a TV, but whenever I look at the news on the Internet, I want to throw things at my computer because of the odious presence of the Orange Idiot. My latest poetry book is chock full of “odes” to this buffoon, and I am not happy about that. This fool telling people to inject Clorox into their veins is so far off the chain that even the soulless Republicans are trying to reign him in.
    If a captain of a ship were as inept as tRump, he would be removed from duty for incompetence. Somehow the fact that this brainless lunatic is running an entire nation up on the rocks is given a pass.
    Like Ponita, my son and I have a property that we’re renovating to try and sell. Unfortunately, even though the structure itself is paid for, we still pay lot rent, so we’re not sure if the best thing to do is just get what we can out of it or wait a while, put a little more work into it, and then hope to sell it at a better rate. It’s hard to say.

  10. I remember the before-and-after-photographs you once showed, you really changed your place. I hope you can keep on going successfully at a slower pace, Ponita.

    Repent, woman ! The Greatest Living Performance Artist is GOd’s gift to Amurga. He, She, or It must be really royally pissed with you all … I have no clue about immovable property. All I know is that – usually – people sit on their houses etc in bad times, simply because one can not live without a roof over the head. So when the market is empty one should get more money. But on the other hand, if many people have to offer their houses (unemployment etc.) prices will fall. As Ponita said, it is what it is, no crystal ball will help. But nevertheless Cara, I know it may be difficult for you, but your son is young and strong – I would invest more work in the house, the less a potential buyer has reason to gripe about, the better.

  11. Schluß mit Schnacken – Kopp in’n Nacken ! That’s what I learned in Hamburg. And : “Holsten knallt am dollsten !” (And is accidentially the cheapest, usually.)

  12. I have to confess Stoffischerschaum that the daily soap called “White House” leaves me a little gereizt lately. I mean, the plot is over-wrung now, the leading ham actor shows no trace of development, and if so only in the wrong direction, the cast is boring – in short, the public deserves better. The hard-core-fan-base will have to shut up and return to the place from where ever they came.
    Maybe Jacques Boubou can direct the new season, and do not forget that the man’s name is Vogler.

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