Another Tuesday Sunday Music

My apologies for being late. Last week was busy, the weekend was traveling, the start of this week was working – yes, I do the brumm-brumm again … maybe I slowly enter my second childhood.
I am not in the mood to speak about what was and happened, I am simply dead tired. Thankfully this is a short working week with a holiday on Thursday, no work on Frayday, and hence a very long weekend. I need to get my head sorted, and some business related writing done over those “free” days, it’s a bit like regrouping.
Now let’s listen to the incomparable, exceptionable voice of Julia LESHNEVA (Ger., Eng.). She gives us from HAENDELs Salve Regina (HWV 241) Ad Te Clamamus : Rarely did the vallis lacrimarum sound better.
I hope you enjoy the music. May the week be friendly to all of us.



10 thoughts on “Another Tuesday Sunday Music

  1. What is this ‘travelling’ of which you speak?
    Second childhood? Yes, why not, I think I’ll join you, my hair might now be long enough to make pig-tails.

  2. Travelling – like jump on a train (tshuff-tshuff, bimmeling, Lummerland), to Suebia, back to Franconia, looking out of a clean (!) window into green fields ; and because one knows the route / line (and for some reason travelled in daylight !), one compares the views of villages and situations with the stored images to see what changed, or what remained the same, something like that.
    My hair is either cut, or relocated to my chin. I somewhere have wooden blocks from my childhood, I remember that scenes from fairitales (“Märchen”) were depicted. The lego came later, and of course we only had the rip-off, not the original, ha !
    Let’s knit MsScarlet a tress, dear Dinahmow !

  3. Sorry Mitzi, I had to google it. But thinking about it I remember to have seen this at other kids’ “Spieletruhe”. It was mandatory to have a kind of treasure trove, usually a large cardboard box, where all the toys etc. were “stored” / thrown in. But in mine were no Stickle Bricks, I am sure.
    I remember the wooden blocks, lego bricks, toy soldiers, figures of Indians and comwboys, a fort with a blockhouse, tiny cars and a “Bahn” for them – it was plastic don’t know the word even in German : One could build a looping, curves. Either the car started from a higher point and was running by gravity only, or one had cars that had a mechanic in it, ah damn : One had to press the car on the ground, move it backwards, a “feder” would store the energy, would wind up, then keep the wheels from turning and put the car on its place and let go – I have to look for this stuff, sorry. I think it was by Matel, don’t even know if the brand name is correct.

  4. You never have to apologize for being late! Post when you can or when you want, sweetpea! You know we’ll already all read whenever you post! I think the first day/week back at work will be or in your case IS, crazy mad! I couldn’t see the video, but I found her other recording on youtube! xoxo

  5. I am sorry that the video did not work for you Savannah – the second that gives troubles.
    We slowly move towards the new normal. Like wash your mask when you come home in the evening …

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