It is really mean. There one has a large library at hand, a stone’s throw away, but one can not use it. Especially one can not use the computers in the hall that give access to the licensed magazines, like for example the New Scientist (Ger., Eng., website). I want to read this article in full. It is either something like a hoax, or all those ideas about “the mirror”, the opposite world, are not so baseless as we thought. Maybe all moves in circles, or like a spiral ; birth and death as passages, Janus-faced, bi-visaged.
But I am a scientific layman, and easily impressed.


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  1. There is a Red Dwarf episode about a backwards world. How fascinating that it could be true! I want to read the whole article now.
    BTW, Red Dwarf is a Sci-fi comedy series from the nineties.

  2. Thank you for explaining, I am a little out of touch regarding anything tv.
    According to this a lot is speculated, but I have not found the source. Everybody says “NASA has found something” – but where is it written by NASA ? The antenna in question seems to be ANITA III (wiki), but the website I found is dormant since circa 2010 (the last “news” entry). The most reliable seems to be the NewScientist article, at least it would be nice to read it in full.

  3. That sounds ominously as if we may have to change gears,back up and change to a forward gear for another attempt.
    Though I do like the idea of Anita the Antenna. (I bet she’ll be the next winner on Eurovision!)

  4. There lie the shards of my dream, hammered to bits by the hard hitting hammer of ratio & stuff. Maybe I should purchase a thesaurus ….
    Thank you for the link Savannah, dreamshatteresse !

    I forgot who, but someone said that real great things / events need real great evidence – one or two drunk neutrinos are seemingly not enough Z !

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