Sunday Music

And so we slowly crawl back to the new normal. I had forgotten how tiring driving could be, but the new-old routine sets in. Other lock-down rules changed – and promptly people got infected in restaurants and churches – fifty here, hundred there, go back to prison, wait for fourteen days.
Amazing how humans can adapt to circumstances. And other things stay the same, be rain or sunshine – spam for example. For the first time in ages I received an interesting spam comment. Most are written in Cyrillic, but since I have forgotten how to spell it, and never spoke Russian, these unique offers of whatever are unceremoniously thrown into the abyss.
But this one offers me :
Aged Twitter 2009 to 2015 Accounts For Sale – check new thread for new prices.
The accounts are empty or with less than 50 followers.

Here is the price list :
2008 – 10$ Per Account
2009 – 9$ Per Account
2010 – 8$ Per Account
2011 – 7$ Per Account
2012 – 6$ Per Account
2013 – 5$ Per Account
2014 – 4$ Per Account
2015 – 3$ Per Account

I think this is rather expensive, isn’t it ? And what would I need a ten or twelve year old twitter account for ? If you have suggestions, please feel free to enlighten me.
Let’s turn away from these silly shenanigans people play, and listen to some nice music. The Odessa born pianist Alexander (“Shura”) CHERKASSY (1909-1995) (Ger., Eng.) plays a nice little piece composed by French author Cécile CHAMINADE (1857-1944) (Ger., Eng.) titled Autrefois (number 4 in her opus 87 Six Pièces Humoristiques from 1897).
I hope you enjoy the music, may the coming week be harmless and bearable for all of us.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. You have a rubber duck as a header? Where is its tin foil hat?
    Twitter accounts, hmmm… No idea what that’s all about, but my now defunct one was hacked, so maybe it was also sold in this way?
    Ack, yes, I saw the new German cases. Stay safe, m’dear.

  2. There is no reason why you should seem silly, dearest MsScarlet. I loaded up nine header images, parts of photographies I took and somehow used before in this blog. They appear in a randomised order. But to my best knowledge I never have put the tinfoil hat on the duck – that is what you did. I must somewhere have one of my tinfoil hat competition entries, but I think I always modeled them meself.

  3. Relax all over the place, dearest Mistress.

    Ha ! He is definitely one of the great “Romantics”. How did you learn to know him DInahmow ? I know that he lived for a long time in London. Were you part of the classic scene ?

  4. I like the pictures added to the top of the posts! Old twitter accounts, either you get robbed of your money or maybe narcissists like Donald Trump needs them so they have more “people” to agree with them. Inflate the ego with more accounts to retweet your tweets. It should be a paradox, but social media is like what string theory is to physics. An anomaly in the computing world.

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