Sunday Music

No used accounts for sale, no new performance of truth on the corridor, just mind numbing normalcy. Setting back into the rhythm of work, do things, work again, sleep. We have two weeks of Whitsun Break, after the mid of June things shall work in a new order (new schedule, different entry management) – let’s hope that we can finally isolate the virus, instead of having to isolate ourselves on & on & on.
In other news – the famous, long lost blogger First Nations* did reappear in Bloggsville after a long time on the other site, welcome ! Daß ‘mer’s noch erlebbe derf *snirfl* !
Now, without further ado, some music. We hear from Los Otros’ (Ger. only) album Aguirre (about) the title El Amor by Santiago de Murcia (Ger., Eng.). I hope you like the music, may the coming week be friendly to all of us.
* You got mail.



6 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I don’t get it Savannah.

    Does this work for you :

    It should lead to the channel of Los Otros and a playlist that gives the content of the mentioned album Aguirre. BUT starting at title 1. el Amor is track number 12.

    BTW I commented on Your blog – did my comment land in your spam-folder or did it vanish all together. If so I can not comment on blogger, because this is the browser that (up to now) always worked …. No clue whatsoever, I changed nothing.

  2. It’s great that a few bloggers are coming back to the fold. Everyone agrees that blogging is best – but it does take more commitment, both to write our own and to keep up with reading everyone else’s.

    People are so disheartened by our hapless government that they are working out their own way of doing things. Mostly, they hope for dentists and a haircut.

  3. Thank You Savannah, sometimes I really can not detect whether a comment simply vanished or went into moderation.

    And I am very sad and angry at myself that I did not keep up with Your blog, Z ! The more thankful I am for You dropping by and commenting.

    Yes, she’s back IDV. Ms Nations’ blog is now called Dave, not Paul any more. But it IS FN, no doubt about it !

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