Sunday Music

Back in Franconia, to an overflowing mailbox – I simply don’t understand that all these printed leaflets can be produced in a cost-covering or economically viable way. I think I get a pound of colour printed junk each week, and it goes directly to the bin. In between were some important letters, and most is already dealt with.
The appartement is exactly like I left it, no broken water pipe, no collapsed pile of books, no beer in the fridge, ach ach und nochmal ach … this flat is like a well worn slipper, but I miss the good company of the last days.
Tomorrow in the not so dark morning I’ll start the engine again for my daily routine, no holidays in sight for the coming weeks.
I enjoyed the last days, a little feeling of easiness, carelessness set in ; the thought that it could just go on this way became tempting.
Anyway, let’s listen to a nice little tune : From Mr Morton GOULDs (1913-1996) (Eng.) American Symphonette Nr.2 we hear the little Pavanne in a 1942 version. I hope you enjoy the music, may the coming week be good to all of us.
(Besides, wordpress informs me that this blog is ten years old today – thank You for reading !)



15 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Oh! Happy 10th Bloggy anniversary!!
    What is this carelessness of which you speak??? Are you still social distancing? Are you 2 meters or 1 meter? Do you have to wear a mask on the bus?? Questions, questions…

  2. Thank You Z !
    These ten years raced by …

    Dankeschön MsScarlet.
    Carelessness is a funny feeling, things – and most important, one self – feel light, easy. Think of a sunny summerday spent on top of a castle looking out to a beautiful landscape, in loving company – something like that.
    We wear masks, spray alcohol around, and sometimes sing. On other days only prefab music helps, but this damn vehicle is so modern that it has no cd-player … GOd knows that I had moments when I would have liked to throw Dies Irae at them in full thunder. But every day is brand new, and starts from zero.

  3. My junk mail get put into a carrier bag and when I have accumulated a decent amount I take a walk to the post box and send it back to them, sometimes adding my own junk with it, usually old paperbacks, see how they like it.

  4. Happy blogiversary! Later (after I have done some chores and do not have to drive) I shall pour some bubbles into a sparkly flute (not a musical instrument!) and toast you.

  5. Happy anniversary! Always nice to see people in it for the long term.

    The revenue from junk mail in the UK subsidises the price of ordinary mail. The postal service, like almost everything here, is seen as a business, not a public service.

  6. Ay Mitzi, you are a precious source of never ending enlightenment – Carry On !

    Don’t really know about the time difference, dearest Dinahmow, but as I am sitting here with my après-morning-drive coffee you may have the first afternoon bubbly – flute on ! Thank you.

    When one counts the blogger years in, it’s thirteen years. I opened this kindergarten on 4th of March 2007, well before Martiæ Idus. Thank you Looby.
    Some things should not be privatised, but stay in the public hand, like supply of drinking water, electricity or supply of energy in general, forms of public transport, and postal services. This privatisation nonsense nearly killed Deutsche Bahn for example.

  7. Our friendship is important to me! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Dear Mago!!! I am so happy that you have solidly marched on all these years while I have dipped in and out of forest. Running barefoot of course, so I can hear the trees speak through their roots, chase butterflies with the foxes, perching on branches with the birds or sitting at the water’s edge wanting for the next splash of inspiration. Your patience with my meandering ways is appreciated. I hope you wake up to a lovely day tomorrow. I must ask mother nature to send you a gift on my behalf.

  8. Ha – and do not forget that it was You, who made me blog ! Thank You, dear Melanie !
    You, Austere, and Amanda, the holy trinity at this blog’s cradle.

    (BTW I can still read you, Austere, but there are only blogger comments allowed. And Amanda, dearest, I can not reach Your blog at all, ach, ach, und nochmal ach ! Und wo ist Fräulein Leni geblieben ?

  9. Yikes! I’m a week and more late for your tenth anniversary here! Many apologies. I shall have to toast/drink an awful lot of wine and gin to make up for it. No, don’t say it’s OK – this is something I have to do!

  10. … mbumgrumbumle … spark of inspiration … now I feel more like a wet match in the thunderstorm …

    How sacrificially, IDV ! Who would have thought that this humble blog sparkes stories about The Singing Witch of Norwich ?

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