Shut Up, John – It Makes No Difference

Out comes a new book about Donnie ROTTEN, but it brings nothing really new, as it seems. Who is in command of a not entirely Zombie like brain, and watched what Donnie ROTTEN and his gang pulled off over the last years, is not surprised about those “disclosures”. If the author, who calls himself a “patriot”, would be a man, he would have dragged his sorry arse to the impeachment panel and put an end to scum’s rule of Donnie ROTTEN & his outfit of greedy pigs – but he chose not to.
Maybe this is how it is meant to be. After all a democracy lives from the people’s vote – even when one ruling party does everything to make the democratic act for parts of the population as difficult as possible, and in doing so, actively obstructs the democratic system, obviously in order to stabilise and conserve the rule of a mob that sells self-enrichment as welfare policy.
The whole system, the state, the society, has only a chance to survive when a change comes from within, when the souvereign, id est the American people, puts an end to the farce by legal means, which is by ballot. Notorious idiots – and there are quiet a few armed dipshits around – phantasise about “solutions” by bullet, these are those deplorables who think they can shoot a virus.
And Donnie ROTTEN himself ? Is nowadays unable to grab a glass of water, and must be lead from the stage after the gig. The man is a gabbling idiot, who can not finish one damn sentence properly. I read excerpts from his “interview” with a Goebbels-scholar from the propaganda outfit, and it really astounded me (again) how uninformed Donnie ROTTEN actually is, and how unable he is to form a thought, follow and express it. It all ends in nirvana. I already said it, I repeat it : Donnie ROTTEN suffers from a not properly treated, and / or healed up form of (neuro-)syphilis. Soon the symptoms will not be ignorable anymore, even for the most spineless, bootlicking Republican.
It is possible that the world will face the really disturbing situation in November that – with the little help of some foreign friends – Donnie ROTTEN is declared winner of the election, and an undeniably crumbling, braindead zombie just keeps sitting in the White House. If this happens (and frankly, I am not convinced that it is impossible), then there will be a new world order without the US – that happily and voluntarily dwarfed herself into a corrupt banana republic run by an inbred riffraff of imbeciles. Was fallen will, das falle.

9 thoughts on “Shut Up, John – It Makes No Difference

  1. I think it is possible MsScarlet. If so our world will change even more.

    I wondered where Mr Rotten hangs around today Looby. I did not know that he’s the carer for his wife. One does not run away.

  2. Sweet Mary Sunshine! I have never wished for the demise of anyone as I have of that guy or as I’ve started to call him he who shall not be named because, you know, the pages have ears and search warrants if you know what I mean..*nudge, nudge, wink, wink* But, seriously, I hope folks here vote and Vote Blue! I also hope that the first order of business is you know who gets charged, arrested, tried, found guilty, forfeits all his assets, is imprisoned for a very long time, and hopefully dies there! But, that’s just my daydream. xoxo

  3. The damage already done is bad, but worse is what could follow Dinahmow. It is really disturbing.

    One may dream Savannah. What really freaks me out (and partly made me write about Donnie ROTTEN again, I seriously do not want that creep in here !), is the latest use of nazi symbols. It is not only the triangle, but the numbers, like 8-8 etc. This shows that people responsible in the election campaigne of a US president use neo-nazi code – not by accident, but as a signal : It is not senseless, it is understood.
    We know this here in Europe, it is a means of communication. This is pretty damn frightening. These publications / “advertisements” were pulled, but do not make a mistake – the fact alone that these messages were published shows that there is something ugly lurking.
    Tulsa will teach us. It will show us whether Donnie ROTTEN is still capable of whipping up the masses (will the idiots yell again “Lock her up” ?), or does he fall flat ?
    I don’t believe so. I think it will be a fine, little Reichsparteitag.
    And it will be interesting to see who will turn up in support, maybe all those “fine people” ala Charlottsville, with their plywood shields and barely disguised swastikas will march around.
    The whole set-up is made for desaster, and violence. Donnie ROTTEN is a vampyre who lives from this, from destruction and violence. As it seems right now to me, there are still enough zombies who are ready to follow and march on – and vote. I really do not want to charge this stupid “rally” with too much importance, but important it is, and educational it will be.

  4. I see a cedar tree at the top of this post and I love it! I am in agreement with Savannah as well! It is tempting, very tempting to call on old magics to do away with him, but what would be the price? The universe balances, it takes what it is due and you don’t get to choose. The mythological origin of Pandora’s Box. It seems he may open the box himself though. He’ll have my most anemic “thoughts and prayers” when the coronavirus takes him. He can’t be made a martyr for it either. The Facists will have to pick up their tails and drags their asses back to their holes. I should exercise more, so I can roll a few larges rocks around and help keep them there.

  5. If the “robot bin ” is too creepy, I can terminate it IDV – it’s just a click away !

    I think the holes you mention are wide open Melanie

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