Sunday Music

I am terribly lazy, especially today. I may have set a new record in lazyness. I watched no news (yet), committed meself to absolutely no household work, but shuffled around papers on the desk – this came dangerously close to meaningful “work”, but could be stopped before it went too far. No risk there.
I searched for Sunday Music, and could not decide, I felt torn between Frank Z. and Jean-Baptiste L. In the end it is a little piece by Herr BACH, his Bourrée from Suite No.2 in E minor (BWV 996), here performed by Roland HÄRDTNER (Ger., Eng.). I hope you like the music. May the coming week be peaceful for all of us.



11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I am sure that I can not hold a candle to your knitwear, dearest MsScarlet
    BTW I hope You beat the smoking habit ? I am really struggling.

  2. Sorry m’dear. I have days I do not want to smoke at all, and it works well. While on other days I feel the need to light one up when I drink the first coffee (after the first round of driving) in the later morning. I stay with the rollups, so it is a bit of a ritual, and it is not like “just grab a fag from the package”. Usually I can stay well below five a day, especially as long as no alcohol is involved.
    I heared only bad things about these vapour things – and some even exploded ! Never have heared about exploding cigarettes. DId those “exploding cigars” ala Groucho Marx ever exist ? World of wonders …

  3. Yes, tabacco is nowadays a luxury item !

    It was, dear Peenee, it was.

    I smashed them through, dear Mistress !

    A healthy cough then, >MsScarlet ?

  4. We could dump a kilo of Wunderbaums here …
    And of course I’ll be here tomorrow. I am delighted that You like the music IDV. I hit the right note. But, as You know, it always changes, and I have no idea what will come next. From humba-humba to Zappa, I will know when I found it.

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