Sunday Music

I feel better now. Punctually to the end of the working week I started to feel not so well, a little cough here, some headaches there – it prevented me from going to Suebia on Frayday, instead I sat around staring foolishly at the wall until I went to bed. Sweet sleep helped.
No, it was not a little reminder by Ms Corona, I think it was a conspiracy of gnomes. I am pretty sure that those captive gnomes I mentioned in the previous post, conspired with the technical trolls in my vehicle. Whatever you do in there regarding the air conditioning – and it is way better than what we had in the older model – it blows cold air on the driver’s head ; no matter how you adjust whatever nozzle, there is alway an orifice pointing at you. I must get me some kind of cap to protect my forehead from the arctic blast. Resentful little people they are. I say it, despite the friendly warning by Mr Looby of the Departement of Gnomes that the comments may be a little “gnomist” here. As a proof for my claim may serve this picture I took only some days ago :


You just know that his joviality is faked !


Saturday is over, the day pubs and water holes were reopened in the UK, so its the day after for some people there – also for some Americans who celebrated the 4th of July, happy independence, and all. (I will not say something about Donnie ROTTEN, just mention his invention of “far left fascism”, really cool : What a bloke.)
So let’s turn away from headaches & gnomic uglyness of any kind towards our spiritualia, for at least two minutes, by listening to Oreste RAVANELLOs (1871-1938) (Ger., Eng.) Toccata per l’Elevazione, performed by Leonardo CARRIERI (channel). I hope you like the music, may the coming week be healthy for all of us.



5 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I hope you are okay and that your malaise is simply the result of air conditioning that was sabotaged by pesky gnomes. They get everywhere, don’t they?
    Norm does look jolly, in a malicious way – thank you for the pic!!!
    I think you might need to something more cheerful to stave off the dreaded bug!!
    Please stay well.

  2. I was worried when I read the first few lines that you were sick! But you are better now? I have not lost anyone to Covid-19 yet, but like the invisibility of the virus, I feel invisible walls closing in on me, like it will only be a matter of time. I am an introvert who keeps my humble company of dear friends close. Their tribe is my tribe, there grievances are my grievances. I see a common theme in their struggles, we all struggle in our own ways to be visible and not forgotten.

    Thank you for the picture of the gnome. He seems less sinister than I had imagined. I love the phrase “…a conspiracy of gnomes.” It’s funny.

    Take care! Really, really I mean it! I demand you keep the body and mind of Mr. Mago in good working order to the best of your ability and I shall endeavor to do the same!

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