Sunday Music

I do not know why, but since the last days were seriously eventless, they were tiring too. Especially yesterday, a day spent travelling. A neighbour needed my help for a trip to Switzerland. She does not like to drive long distances on the autobahn anymore, so I step in. Sadly my neighbour also has a prolematic attitude towards punctuality, so when we agreed to start at 9:00 I showed up ready to jump into the car, only to learn that the first (!) round of bags & suitcases needed to be brought down to the parking lot. We finally left shortly after 10:00. But things did not become better after this, because the German autobahn system seems to be one giant construction site nowdays. The first 80 kilometers southwards were nice, then it was traffic jam after traffic jam, and through the Rhine valley it is a 120 km speed limit nowadays.
My neighbour had booked my travel back home by train in advance – what gave a very attractive price btw – but sometime around midday it was clear that we were not able to reach our destination in time, and we weighted our options. One was to bring her as close to her destination as possible, and stop in a city where I could jump on the train. She would take the wheel and drive the last 40 kilometers over ordinary roads. It worked just in time, I waited on the platform for less than five minutes, and took my reserved seat at the window just one station later than booked.
I enjoyed looking out of the window, while I tried to ignore some really bonkers blather, sometimes I think headphones are not the worst invention. Some forms of the Hassian dialect are even worse than Saxonian, and that means something.
But I do not want to niggle, it was a relaxed & carefree ride to Frankfurt mainstation, where I made a big blip on the junkies’ radar : In the fifty minutes of my layover I was panhandled four times, all friendly, nothing aggressive, and they left me alone while I ate my buttered pretzel.
When I arrived in the Franconian capital sometime after 22:00 I learned that my bus had left five minutes ago, the next one would leave over one hour later. So it was time for a cab, a young Sikh (Eng.) man drove me home. There I opened a bottle of beer and became a bit silly.
The destination I did not reach yesterday lies at the banks of the river Aare (Ger., Eng.). And because why not, today’s Sunday Music is the video of a dive in the river Aare. You can mute it, the background music is just what it is, the fish are silent anyway.
I hope you enjoy the dive – may the week be bearable for all of us.



12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Thank you MsScarlet. Sadly I could not use “codfanglers” in this post …

    It was less “driving”, more a kind of “queuing” with random driving interspersed, dear Dinahmow.

  2. What do you do at the banks of the river Aare? Were you destined to go to a building nearby? Or appreciate the river itself? Do you swim there? I grew up swimming in many lakes and river. I really felt unsinkable, like Molly Brown from the Titanic. I have been dreaming a lot about swimming since the pandemic. It is the thing my son and I miss the most. There are two very nice community pools near us and we cannot go and we also could not do our trip to Florida this year.

  3. MAGO MAGO MAGO MAGO OMG I finally got my WordPress account to work and I am so overjoyed by being able to maybe even get this comment to print that I nearly forgot to be jealous of you powering down the autobahn like a hard rockin’ daddy, while we pootle along at 75 mph here. You lucky devil. Now here goes, countdown to post…5…4…3..2…

  4. I never even saw the Aare, Melanie. I should have crossed her (it’s a she) and should have visited an old building nearby.
    I grew up next to the river Itz, and never swam in it. Because there lives the Nöck, and you do not want to be invited to his wet habitat.

    St.Mago sounds not too bad, doesn’t it, MrPeenee ?

    “Hard rockin’ daddy” – caramba ! Welcome back FirstNations ! Glad to see You here.

    (BTW – I always thought it would be possible to comment here without having to log in via wordpress, just with email & name ? I do not want people be forced to join the cult just for a comment. Let’s leave this to google …)

    You said it first, Melanie. BTW I got your mail, I will read, it takes a bit of time, sorry.

  5. I rather be a passenger than the driver any day. I’m thankful my husband likes to drive. I’m glad everything worked out in the end. The music is quite relaxing. Have a lovely week.

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