Kanye For President !

Political rant ahead, sorry.

In despair and disgust I look at the news from the UsofA. What happens in Portland – and soon will happen in other cities – is something right out of the dictator’s textbook.
Let us assume that you are a ruler and feel that you slowly loose the grip on yer subjects. A protest movement grows, and it seems not to go away. It has dangerous potential, and you need to get rid of it. Of course your usual fearmongering runs on full volume, but these damn protesters do not follow your script. So you do, what you always do : escalate. And you do best escalate, when you give these pesky protestors any chance to radicalise themselves fast : Attack them !
In the images I see from Portland I see no “police”. I see white men in military gear who shoot rubber bullets & sting grenades, who gas people, and randomly kidnap some civilians. It is just one step below using live ammunition and let people vanish. I see them behave like an army in an occupied city, simply because that is what they are. This is not “policing”, this is terrorism. Shooting sting grenades at protesting mothers, letting people vanish from the street – that is what you expect from some third class military despot in Southern America, not from an only roughly “normal” USAmerican “president”. But this is what happens under the rule of Donnie Rotten, the little fuehrer.
And I fear it is the blueprint for things to come in the next winter. Donnie Rotten “does not lose”, he always wins. And he is a sucker for violence, he was really frustrated when the images of looting undermenschen did not get produced in Tulsa. So the rightful protestors, and inhabitants, of Portland shall fill the scene – and of course his Verfügungstruppe will show up in other places where the major and the gouvernor are Democrats, “fucking traitors that they are …”
Any opposition ? Forget the Republicans, spineless worms do not rebel against the ass in which they comfortably live.
The Democrats ? Write a letter. Ms Pelosy says that “we live in a democracy, not a banana republic”.
The Democrats want to carry on making politics based on insight, understanding, and compromise. And on the opposite side of table ballons the smirking visage of Moscow Mitch, the embodiment of corruption. Who bakes new judges like bread rolls – all of them of course based on political affiliation, not on juridical competence -, happily undermining the independence of one of the columns democracy is built upon.
It IS a banana republic with institutionalised corruption (what is basically okay, because the foreign ruler or CEO knows how much to pay where, there are clear tariffs), with free reign for a money “elite” (I always hated this word !), and a non-existing public debate – shouting matches on fackbuk are no debate. Now throw in public violence top-down, and there you go. It all happens openly, in real time, nobody can be “surprised” when – in the worst case – a coup d’etat happens next winter. It is a not so outlandish scenario : Donnie Rotten could declare martial law with “all that violence on the street”, could claim that the election’s results are void (IF it really takes place), and make himself “for the good of the nation” something like interim dictator.
You think the supreme court would intervene ? I doubt. It’s full of loyalists, one liberal member is seriously ill – a bit of a gamble, but Donnie has taken lesser chances.
You think the military would intervene ? Why should they ? Donnie Rotten loves the military, they’ll get anything they want, would they risk a civil war ?
The “street” ? Count the dead.
The Democrats are seemingly sure to have won the election. Like they were in 2016. Nothing is won. Nothing is sure. It is no direct democracy, and the primaries showed that the anti-democratic forces called “Republicans” do anything, use any dirty, rotten trick, to manipulate in their own favour – they surely will not stop, they’ll go in balls to the walls.
The virus ? Works just as a catalysator, helps to bring out what is already there : Real Americans do not wear masks.
The chances for a Machtübernahme are not that bad, surely it is worth to be considered.
Amerika, mir graut vor Dir.

4 thoughts on “Kanye For President !

  1. Pudding or not, dear MsScarlet, there is still nothing decided. While I slowly can “understand” why someone would have voted for this snake-oil-salesman, I think it was mostly out of dispair.
    And the dispair did not vanish or even shrink, contrarily the whole situation got worse. Many people may defend the little fuhrer along the line that he is not responsible for the “Chinese” virus, and all what follows from this, like the bad economical situation. There will always be excuses, they may be dumb and brainmelting – just look at & listen to the actual White House speaker person, a blonde bimbo who makes Kelly Bundy look like a brainiac.
    I think Donnie Rotten still has a chance, and he will use it, may it cost what it will cost. In a way he’s all gone too far, he is beyond the point of return – it’s Götterdämmerung or Siegessondermeldung.
    (BTW it is no accident that I use all these (German) nazi phrases here.)

    It was wrong to mention Kanye West in the title. West is obviously sick, and suffers from a bipolar disorder, as is widely communicated. This does not excuse his terrible idiocy, this does not mean that he should be taken un-serious – far from it – but one can not throw dirt on a person for impetuous things he does while in a manic phase. I do not like his “music”, his “design” is excruciating, just short of the point of barf imho – but his artwork is worth a notice & a debate – as of anybody elses who has the guts to expose her~ or himself publicly as artist.
    About things he does while out of his mind a cloak should be put, I even think the man should be protected from doing this.
    I should not have mentioned him ; this is, as always, about Donnie Rotten, and of course, there is no one bigger, better, greater in this world, not even Kanye, tah !

  2. YOU GO ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF MAGO!!! I am originally from Portland, Oregon. It sickens me to see what’s happening there, but in Portland, the evil has always run deep, right from the beginning. On the surface you see regular people going about their lives, working people, integration, multiculturalism (No, Portland is NOT the whitest city in America – unless you’re only counting the upper classes.) Underneath runs a bleeding streak of vile, vile racism, cherished and nurtured by the Old Guard. The state was founded on the exclusion of African Americans. Even the state song has racist lyrics – that nobody seems to quite ‘get’. I watched Portland burn in 1968 and I’m watching Portland reel under a fascist threat now as people organize to protest the indignities and indecency they see happening. It saddens me. But it doesn’t surprise me. Portland is feeling the fist hammer down – because Portland STOOD UP.

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