… pfffff …

Free. Free, at last.
The vehicle is parked, I took out all papers related to last schoolyear’s tour ; yesterday it was cleaned on the outside and thoroughly cleaned & disinfected on the inside. Maybe I’ll take it next week to our service station to top up some fluids before the chief mechanic leaves for his well earned holidays, but this is so next week …
Free to look around at my own place, do some necessary houshold things like cleaning this’n that, sorting and shelving magazines and books, oh yes laundry, too. But most important, free to use the head again, think about things, relax & unwind. Free to finally finish the bookmines.
This midday every outgoing vehicle was greeted by our headhoncho, some friendly words of thanks, appreciation and encouragement – a nice gesture. He looked tired, my collegues looked tired, the kids only were bubbly as usual. Many people around me are also exhausted, it feels as if the whole nation wants to have a break, just some weeks off. We’ll restart the whole thing in September.
And because of corona, summer vacation will not necessarily be some Southern beach, wine & mediterranean specialties, but Baggersee, Bratwurst und Bier – so be it. I read somewhere in the news that these Campingmobile, I think it is recreational vehicles in English, were sold & rented like crazy over the last weeks – given the large number of those vehicles I saw over the last days broken down on the autobahn, I think this is very credible ; those by the roadside or on the breakdown lorry were really old bangers mostly – happy hols anyway, deceleration or “slow movement” is all the rage, I hear.
The plan for this weekend is simple : Sleep, tinker around the appartement, enjoy peace, silence, and nothing “have to do”. Next week may see more focused “action”, but slowly, please.


6 thoughts on “… pfffff …

  1. Yay! Enjoy your rest! No vacations for us this year, so I am making good progress in the yard and some writing. Really should do more around the house, but it’s so annoying to do when the other humans are under foot. I do what I can to maintain respectable hygiene, but no deep cleans yet.

  2. Ah, yes, the campervan or mobilehome – one of the many banes of the highway, at least, in the UK (along with pretty much every other mode of transport). RV is American…

    Happy holidays, Mago!

  3. Have a great time doing exactly as you please! It sounds like you’ve earned a break. Last I heard you were reading and transcribing ancient handwriting. Are you a teacher now? (God help you!) I think you should load up on Beer and snacks and watch trash television!

  4. “Deep clean” ? Sounds Greek to me Melanie

    “Campervan” – I was not sure IDV, thank you for clarifying.

    I am no teacher, I drive a kinda bus FN. It pays the rent and my social & health insurance. Anything else grows on trees.
    (I write applications. Once a year I am invited to an archive, but as is the norm – someone younger with more experience is given the job.)

    Are you living in a tourist hotspot MsScarlet ?

  5. Sort of. There are B&Bs aplenty in the area. It’s a good spot to camp up if you want to visit lots of nearby places. There are also a few second homes.

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