Sunday Music, Monday Edition

That a man can sleep so much … obviously it was needed. Now it is time to turn the attention towards the desk, and all that stuff piling up. The appartement could use some hoovering, all this laundry should be folded and put into the cupboard, to buy some food would be a good idea – the moment one wakes up, one is surrounded by duties.
But I’m alive. So without further wittering I am Alive by Spooky Tooth (Ger., Eng.). I hope you like the music – may we all have a relaxed week.



6 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. How appropriate! I have toothache. I think I need an extraction – but that’s not going to happen any time soon. Oh dear.
    Yes, I’ve been sleeping a lot too – it’s needed! As for food – who needs it when there is toothache.

  2. Ah, you just reminded me I still have pillowcases in the dryer. Thank you! Even when I get up early there is never enough time in the day. My final words will likely be, “I was just trying to get stuff done!” It is very rare that I am content with the amount of progress I make in a day. Have a good week!

  3. Vim & Vigor, Hagar’s brethren in their unending quest for – – ; what ? Vim ‘n vigor are limited today – and will be limited for the coming days, because it is damn hot and will get hotter every day until we face the unevitable thunderstorm either Saturday, in the night to Sunday, or on Sunday. We expect mote than 36°, partly close to 40°C to torch us … unexpected self-explosions may happen. Wish me luck please IDV, I’ll have to go to Switzerland in the very early Sunday morning to collect my neighbour and bring her back to sunny Franconia, in one piece and non-torched.

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