Sunday Music, Monday Edition

Finally rain in Franconia – endlich ! I encountered a nice thunderstorm yesterday afternoon while standing on a parking lot next to Solothurn mainstation – delivered, but not fetched. I must have lead the rain from this place to here, my fellow Franconians should erect at least one monument for me.
Now let us listen to some relaxing music : Konstantin SCHERBAKOV (bio) plays from RESPIGHIs (1879-1936) (Ger., Eng.) Ancient Airs and Dances piece number 3 Notturno.
I hope you enjoy the music. May it be a peaceful week for all of us.



5 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. This is indeed relaxing music.
    Everyone keeps going on about how hot is has been, blah, blah, blah – but I have had rain for weeks [or so it feels] and it has been chilly.
    Have a peaceful, temperate week!

  2. Oh, Mago, that is lovely Sunday Music on Monday (but really Thursday as I didn’t get here until today). It reminds me of the tail end of a rainfall, actually – with the rain petering out, and little runnels and trickles of water on the ground.

  3. With all your talents for what we call art, and all your experience regarding life on cold, rainy corners of the UK – can you imagine your future in designing thermo vests, dear MsScarlet ? You could model them yourself ; they could be aptly named like Wailing Winds of Dartmoore or similar.
    Here in Franconia no one needs thermo vests right now, sorry, the heat is already demanding, and it is just the start, the themperatures are goning to climb towards the big 4 over the coming weekend – all one can do is lie down in the shade.

    Runnels & trickels – well put, IDV !

  4. We have rain here today, which is Thursday for me. I have been most grateful for a mild summer here. I tell everyone around me not to complain. It has been hot and sunny these last two weeks, but not unbearably so. This cooler summer has been great for my plants and trees and we have not had to choke on wildfires. This last point alone, is worth its weight in gold. We must keep our forests healthy! If I may complain a small bit please, it is that we have so many people moving here from other places with almost no trees and they say “Ooh, it’s lovely here” and then cut all the fucking trees down on their property. Now it is not so lovely you stupid people! Go back to the city if too many trees make you nervous! They also freak when they see the local wildlife. They’ve only seen these animals in zoos. They forgot they came from somewhere naturally.

  5. I should have listened to this on Sunday because this week has been anything but relaxed! We’re doing a countdown until Nov. 3rd which is election Day here in the US. Hopefully, Trumpito will lose and he’ll be immediately arrested! I know, I am the eternal optimist! Here’s to better days for all! xoxo

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