Sunday Music (b)

Complaints, gripes, reclamations – one small deviation from the familiarised normal, and the letters to the editor flood in : Published much too early ; a “gutsy piece” ; one could tore a muscle – a health hazard ! Ach, ach, und nochmal – ach !
Reflecting my venerated readers’ mood, the extreme heat outside, the common need for relaxation, catharsis even – let’s turn away from the Scottish thunderers, let us enjoy a sarabanda composed by Giuseppe TARTINI (1692-1770) (Ger., Eng.). Sadly the uploader did not give any information about the performing artists.
I hope you enjoy the music, may the new week bring bearable weather.



About the interesting painting, about the painter (Ger., Eng.).

14 thoughts on “Sunday Music (b)

  1. Maybe some polka punk one minute before midnight Franconian Time – but I doubt, dearest MsScarlet.
    Today I can see some clouds, but they are white, fluffy, and generally friendly. No thunderstorms announced, maybe a little rain tmorrow midday.

  2. The met office has issued yellow weather warnings, we’ve been told to brace ourselves for thunder storms for all next week, I like something to look forward to.

  3. I’m imagining you going to your front door as the postman/woman/person arrives, and then getting buried under a tsunami of strongly worded letters as this sarabande plays in the background, an accompaniment to the last few letters of complaint that trickle through your letterbox…

  4. This goes well with the current short story I am working on, “The Tailor’s Son” set it in Renaissance Italy. Then I will likely revisit the Harz mountains in Germany to write “The Miner’s Brother”, the collection will be a total of five dark fantasy short stories. You see a theme here, yes? Have a good week!

  5. I want thunderstorms too ! Pass one over Mitzi !

    Many of them in calligraphy IDV ! * glares in general Devon direction *

    A theme – like in Tinker Tailor King & SPy ? :) No worries Melanie, I am curious. WHen you have them in the mines in the Harz, maybe Agricola’s De re metallica may be helpful as source. And of course, there is a whole bunch of Erdmännlein and whatnot creatures, basilisc included – don’t look there ! The chthonic mammas may prevail ! Just do not have too much to say about a tailor. MAybe this glass they used … I do not know the proper name ! It was a kind of bottle, clear, filled with water, worked like a lense and helped with detailed stitch stuff – I have no clue about clothes, tayloring etc. and always run for the hills when I encounter that stuff in a museum, sorry.

    Schlaf wohl, Anna.

  6. No more payne in the Bonehole (I don’t know the code for the trademark sign, sorry) – I am very glad to hear that MrPeenee.
    Now if MsScarlet would allow herself to be convinced that a visit to the dentist is helpful, preferably before the tooth explodes, then all would be good in our sublunar world …

  7. Thank you! I will look up these things you mention! I must be careful. I often get lost in the research and the writing doesn’t get done, then the stories get shelved if the process takes to long and I have created nothing with it. I’m working to balance research and writing better. Trust my imagination and not worry so much about perfection. I think the successful people are successful because they do not waste time overthinking everything so much.

  8. Glad you like it Dinahmow.

    I know exactly what you mean Melanie – somewhere behind my desk are the mountains of materials I collected for my dissertation that rests undisturbed somewhere under it, never to be resurrected.

  9. OK nice music, nothing like a good sarabande I always say. But see, this is what I really need some background on – what you posted a few days ago: On top of this he asked me to help him get rid of dwarves. I happily killed them with a hammer (fight Kitsch wherever you can !), and while shoveling them dirty gnomes into large blue bags I twitched a muscle in my back. What made me curse the dwarves – they got what they deserved ! – and meself for being such a stupid idiot : As if two damn disc prolapses are not enough – noh ! You must fight damn dwarves glued into ugly brown plastic containers on the ground of a disabled man’s living room in the biggest heat, and twitch a muscle because these effing dwarf dioramas are too heavy to lift : You are too dumb to find yer arse in yer trousers Mago !
    But I wore my mask with pride, ha !”
    OK you need to explain that to me in detail. A crippled person had…plaster? Cement? Stone? Garden gnomes…? GLUED TO THEIR CARPET?????
    MAGO QUIT BEING SO DAMNED CRYPTIC! Visit me! And explain how you ended up with what looks like a pure chunk out of my life in Franconia????? XXOO

  10. There is no cryp-trick with all this FirstNations – it is all in the words … (Sorry, I am too lazy right now, please see my answer to IDV, who asked a similar question – *mwah* )
    I am glad to have found a fellow gnome smasher in you – we should compare notes. I e.g. prefer the Franconian Frontal

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