Sunday Music, Wednesday Edition

My apologies for being late, noticeably late this time. Nobody around I could blame except me. But Suebia plays a part in this too, maybe things do become little light under this sky ?
Like last Sunday. One drives around a bit, and – of course ! – finds oneself at a scenic outlook (they have lots of scenic outlooks here), in front of a church of pilgrimage.

Random Suebian Landscape Seen From Random Suebian Belvedere

And while one hangs out in this church minding one’s own business, the organist starts to practise. Some titles were beyond recognition, at least for me, but I am not really in church music, while I think I know some of the old howlers when I encounter them.
And while one sits & wonders, the priest steps in and starts a devotion for the mourners, a very well fitting meditation. Thankfully, due to the virus, singing is not allowed during religious events – but I think I would have been wise enough to keep my mouth shut anyway ; too many people would think I try to make a mockery of the event when it simply is ineptitude that causes my terrible singing, I am not able to hit a right note.
After all this we were floating over the land like a cloud, pretty aimlessly – and “bang !” – you find yerself in front of a very large & impressive cloister, a real “fortress of faith”, eine Glaubensfestung. And because we are in the rich neighbourhood now, the organist plays the Goldbergvariationen (Ger., Eng.) without braking a sweat, tah – rodomont !
Since all this was a little exhausting & draining, Monday was a day of doing nothing, while Tuesday was spent on a (Suebian) mountain (they’d call it a hill somewhere else, but when in Rome …), and in the valley of a wild mountain “river”, thankfully it comes with a Biergarten.
Enough of my Suebian shenanigans.
This Sunday Music is a piece composed by Mr HAENDEL, from his opera Alcina (Ger., Eng.) a “sinfonia”. I hope you enjoy the music. Hopefully the week was good for you up to now, may it continue.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Wednesday Edition

  1. I thought you had already done Sunday Music? There were so many posts flying about last week, hence my confusion.
    Beautiful view!!
    Yes, the ban on singing is a blessing for some of us!

  2. That Obermarchtal monastery is an impressive piece of architecture. Quite striking.
    And look at all the trees in your random view of Suebia! I bet it’s lovely and cool under them when everywhere else is 30+ degrees?

  3. I am sorry, dear MsScarlet, we here at 63mago take some pride in serving freshly prepared Sunday Music, without any preservatives, colour or taste enhancing ingredients. Our products are freshly ground, vegan and whatnot, and meant for early consumption. Keep in the SMEG when opened, use within three days.
    I am sure you are in command of an angelic voice !

    Armchair travelling is all I can do right now, dear Melanie – we fill the world with our imaginations !

    Obermarchtal is really something, a baroque overdose … I confess that I did not wander much under trees these days, more over Wacholderheide(n), heathland filled with juniper, and of course in shady valleys next to murmuring little creeks – trees included of course, but not a real forest, sorry IDV.

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