“B” – Like in “Back” & “Barf”

Back in Franconia – the same old dust, the same old books, some new letters, and btw I will have the same driving schedule as in the last school year, just one kid more. This is good, as it means that I will earn the same amount of money, safety ’til next summer.


Some weeks ago I was at a neighbour’s flat, and he wanted to show me something on the internet. By accident he clicked on the wrong clip in his list, and something from this obscure “Q” sect started. It showed swirling clouds (this is not a correct translation for the German word “wabernd”, sorry ; these clouds were not only “wabernd”, but “dräuned” too), Wagnerian “music” set in and “Der Sturm bricht los” was blended over these claudy Ungetüme.
It was fascist design at its finest, and immedeately reminded me of Goebbels’ Sportpalast Rede (Ger., Eng.) (“Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg ?”) that ended with the Propagandaminister shouting “Sturm brich’ los !”
This made me look for more information about these conspiracy – and a conspiracy it is, nothing else. I read a lengthy article about its origins, and another one about it sapping successfully into what we call mainstream, and people who actually built & make a political career based on this crap.
Frankly, who ever believes in this, has his brains liquified and pissed them out : It is beyond any thing, subterranean, there is nothing left to discuss.

It reminded me of two things, historical examples, if you will.
a) Back in stoneage, as a young student I was living in a dormitory that was run by the university (“Studentenwerk”). All fine, but they were “renovating” in a way, so that you could not be sure to use your room when you came home in the afternoon – it was really that bad, seemingly based on guerrilla-tactics.
Of course there was a lot of fighting back – after all it was a twelve story building filled with students, half of them aspiring students of law ! The “authority” used to communicate by pamphlets on the black board. So the janitor carried some copies from the bureau, and dutifully pinned them on every floor’s black board in the morning, for the inhabitants to read and marvel on. And they were really bad : Bad grammar, bad language, simply idiotic.
Some irresponsible individuals started to pervert these publishings and did their own – persiflage it is called. What did you need in those days ? A typewriter, and a xerox. (I really wonder, if people younger than thirty know what these are.)
And one day the joke fired back, when two inhabitants followed the instructions on a fake pamphlet, and started to rip out the floor of their rooms (“from under the sink, clockwise, turning left [!]”.
From roughly 150 inhabitants of this dormitory, two were not able to discern persiflage from “reality”. They just followed “instructions”, and did what had to be done. Because a piece of paper said so.
So there are always idiots.
b) The mystical founder of this complot claims to be someone “inside”. This is exactly the main idea of the “Soldatensender Calais” – a sophisticated double-cross action by the Brits in WWII.
There was a “Chef” (“der Scheff”, has nothing to do with cooking, Adolf himself was referred to as “der Chef” by those around him), who sends out messages to his unit, seemingly from the place Calais. This figure / persona was designed as a trustworthy military man (“Wehrmacht”, as in opposite to brass (SA), and party soldiers, what means SS), talking to those under his command, “true soldiers”. Mixed in were real news, actual news indeed regarding things happening at the front. All this, the mix, made it very credible – in fact, my father told me that he (as a fifteen year old) and others were listening to the Soldatensender in late 1944 and early 1945, and taking it for real. (And hence were not persecuted for listening to a “Feindsender”.)
Of course it had to be killed off with the advancing allied forces – and Masterman’s (Eng. – why is there no German wiki enrty for this man ?!) men made a real show of it.
So, there is a recipe for “black propaganda”.
And do not think that it is not studied & used today, of course adapted to the wounderful means of “communication” / “social media” we have now, like – you know their names : All a thinking person keeps away from.

This would be fun, an exciting social experiment, but it is not in real life. Simply because idiots are enabled to built political careers on lies : There are people elected in “Amurga” based on this bullshit ! Of course running for the “president’s” “party” – incredible. I never thought that I would see this “party” simply decompose – all that is left are spineless worms, and Moscow Mitch to rule them.
A young man I was talking to a few days ago, characterised the complot as “Elders of Zion on steroids” – and I think this is spot on.
Of course the socalled “president” of the still “united” “states” likes these “people”.
Mann kann nicht so viel fressen, wie man kotzen möcht’.

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  1. No worries, dearest Mistress, no worries.

    You may have read too many strange stories, starting with “Hank got nervous …” or such, dear IDV.
    The “untied” is great – all kudos to Dinahmow for this !

    Savannah – I wish I could lighten your mood up ! Maybe you can find solace in the idea that it is just the Weltgeist doing its job. We, as single persons and entities, can not change the course of history. Things happen. One can only wish that from some very strange point of view, maybe in the middle of the galaxy where the supreme being sits, it all may make sense – like an anamorphic image or picture. I only hope that You, the MITM, and all Yours, stay safe and sound in all that now happens, and (even more important) will happen. From my privileged, European view, I always find the amount of freely floating violence in these untied states very frightening, unsettling. And one does not need to be a “seer” to understand that the next winter may very likely bring more violence to the streets. Regarding what I said on your blog – I seriously hope that I am wrong.

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