Sunday Music

First things first : Happy Birthday, Anna !

And because Anna spends this afternoon at the piano with Amadeus, Frederic and the rest of the gang, this Sunday Music is a little piece for piano, for the well tempered (Ger., Eng.) clavier, not badly tuned rogues, by Johann Sebastian BACH, precisely The Well-Tempered Clavier (Ger., Eng.), Book 2, Prelude and Fugue in C, No. 1. This piece can also be found on the longplayer mankind shot into space (Ger., Eng.), performed by Glenn GOULD (Ger., Eng.) (listen here). But I like to link the version of Mr RICHTER (Ger., Eng.). It is not about “better” or “worse”, I just like RICHTERs version better right now, je ne sais quoi.
I hope you enjoy the music. May the next week be good to all of us, without boredom & toothaches.



12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Happy Birthday, Anna!!
    Yes – let’s be toothache free next week, and the week after.
    What is going on in Germany, Mr Mags? I read that there is an enormous ruckus kicking off in Berlin.

  2. People who think corona is fake demonstrate against the “corona dictatorship”. We saw demonstrations “against” “corona” some weeks ago (Stuttgart et al.).
    Berlin administration made a mistake by prohibiting the event – it is their right to demonstrate, and a virus does not kill this basic right. And if they want to get infected – of course wearing a mask is in their eyes the height of stupidity – so be it. In the end the demonstration was allowed.
    Taking part are very different people, very different groups – among them the far right, seemingly best organised. And the nazis came through a cordon around the Reichstag, attacking police, waving their nazi flags just in front & on the steps of this building – yippiayeah, exactly what Germany needs.
    That is what I understood from the news. Maybe it will become pretty ugly this evening. There are wounded policemen – and this time not “far left” “chaotics & anarchists” hurt them, but the brown comrades.

  3. Crikey, it’s kicking off everywhere. We have a Bank Holiday weekend, so they’re all out partying or protesting over here as well. They are missing the first signs of Autumn – quiet decay.

  4. It became cooler over the last days, today it finally started to rain. Last week the air felt like a wet blanket sometime, the sky milky, a pale yellowish dot as sun. Now the air is much better, the rain is gentle, leaves start to change colour, autumn arrives.

    They are all mad. I can understand a fascist who has a certain ideological “Weltbild”, and wants to abolish the democratic state, wants to replace it with a new dictatorship. But I can not understand the rest, seemingly “normal” (whatever this means !) people who blare about the “Corona Diktatur”.
    It is still a minority. But there were similar demonstrations in other places through Europe. I have no idea what is brewing there. All I can say is that all these people have in common the denying. They deny facts. The virus can come into our brains, it is air borne, and we have no clues about the long term effects. I do anything to not catch it, I really do not want to die from it, so of course I wear a mask. Others seriously tell that the virus is an invention of Mr Gates, or “the Jews”. Some declare there is no pandemic, itis all fake, and even deny the deaths of humans. I think in the US on average one thousand humans die from the illness caused by corona a week – (here is a link :
    just click “confirmed deaths”)
    a dubious number because the administration there does anything to lie and obfuscate the extend of the epidemic.
    I think it is useless to discuss with the followers of truth, just upsetting.

  5. Thank you all for your congratulations! I feel very appreciated :-)
    Bach is a nice completion to this restful day, thank you again, Mr. Mago …

  6. I dare not to ask, but nevertheless – is there something like Klingon music, IDV ? MAybe they prefer to listen to the Kalashnikov Concert played on a Stalinorgel ? (I do not wish to link to some original sounds of a “katyusha”, pretty horrific.)

    Sooner or later, we all come back to uncle Johann Sebastian, dearest Anna.
    … :) ….

  7. Well now, This music goes perfectly with the cup of coffee I am having here on Monday morning. I got up early, my brain would not stop talking about all the things it wants the body to accomplish today. So I get up early. Ugh, poor body.

    I would always like to say “Happy Birthday, Anna!” Though we have not met my good wishes are genuine.

    If my humor was measured by a grayscale I would say it’s about 70% dark. Perhaps my morals are equally as flexible. So it is that I love a Pixar short animation called “Lorenzo” which is now owned by Disney. That mouse is a real gangster boss! Be careful! I shall not get myself in trouble with “distribution” of pirated material. Only suggesting that maybe Youtube snubs the mouse with a deeper opacity of shady morals than I and allows a certain video to remain of someone who may have directed their video camera at their tv for a certain length of time. The music, a seductive Habanero, the story, a pompous cat learns a lesson. Perhaps you find four minutes to stumble upon it on or not. Have a good week!

  8. WOW, it’s Thursday and I’m just getting around to reading! I apologize, sweetpea! Belated Birthday Wishes, Anna! Dear Mago, stay safe over there, it seems the whole world is going crazy! xoxo

  9. No need to apolopgize Savannah, seriously not !
    I avoid large gatherings of people – and seriously thinkabout limiting my online time. Reading news is no good, simply because yelling at the screen is bad for the bloodpressure, and changes absolutely nothing. The Mistress was there already years ago, when she recommended to look at sites that had specialised in good news only !

    Why am I not really astounded that You, FirstNations, can produce a link to a Klingon march ?! Sounds a bit … “wanna orff”. It’s not frightening, a katyusha solo would have pepped the whole thing up, really.

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