5 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. What is Ardöpf’l? Something alcoholic? A book? A big blanket? A hot water bottle? I hope you are okay and haven’t picked up a nasty virus.
    Ack – I get an error message on the music, so I’ll try later with a different browser.

  2. While we are safe from the fires the heavy smoke persists to the degree that it is hazardous to go outside. I am nearly intolerable to be kept inside for so long, over a week now and counting. I have never had the interest for space travel myself, because I know it would mean too much time spent in a type of capsule, perhaps I could manage it if I could sleep until it was time to explore a new terra firma. I am content though to appreciate the stars with my back against the earth. Maybe this song will help pull you out of your funk. Do try to have a nice week, my friend. https://youtu.be/0Fy7opKu46c

  3. Oh, dear… Were you sulking about not having anything to photograph for The Very Mistress’s 10th Annual Lady Garden Presentation because your potato hasn’t sprouted yet?
    (Is that what an Ardöpf’l is? Some sort of potato?)

    P.S. I rather liked the music. And I hope you managed to get out of bed at some point?

  4. Thank You Melanie, old Eric is welcome ! I find the idea of space flight very frightening – and all this just to end up on some wasteland like Mars – ? !

    No sprout in sight here IDV. In fact I left my bed only to go to work over the last days.

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