Sunday Music

These weekends are simply too short. We should introduce the three day weekend, just add Frayday. Monday will always be Monday, even on a Tuesday, so why change something that basically is unchangable ? But Frayday is already something of a half-off day – let’s be honest, and add it officially to the weekend. That would leave us with four days work, three days off work, smiling faces all around.
It was a fine day, this fleeing Sunday. I feel nonetheless autumnal – Mr TCHAIKOVSKY (Ger., Eng.) described it pretty well, I think, in October of his Seasons (1875/76).
We hear the version of Olga SCHEPS (Ger., Eng.) (*1986). I hope you like the music. May the week be friendly to all of us.



(If you like, compare Olga’s version with those of PLETNEV (Ger., Eng.) (* 1957), and TROPP (about) (* 1939).)

9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. It comes with a very big sigh (“Hach !”) built in, dear MsScarlet.
    One day working only ? MAybe they’ll invent the 72-hour-day …

    Just ten more days of September, dear Savannah ; then we’ll have a golden October, and punctually on 3rd of November the blizzards come. It will be a bleak winter this year, corona + flu + civil unrest may be a bit much …

  2. My mind is too busy right now for this. I’m afraid at this moment I find this music to be a slow person walking in front of me who needs to step aside. I am a parent with a school-aged child trying to navigate 100% online learning. This song is suited to me and all the parents like me right now, a flight of bumblebees of course! It doesn’t matter what this day is a called. It is one of ‘those” days where our family is at attention for inspection for six hours. We melt into soggy lumps at the end of it, until it time to do it again the next day or the headmaster allows for a break.

  3. Hey, so yesterday, I revived my blog!!!! I even published a post! It is public and live and I hope to find comradery once again in those that enjoy a life filled with nature, reflection and creative thinking as much as I do. I even got a comment, so soon! I will try to post regularly, once a week to start to get some flesh on its old bones. It is rather anemic at the moment.

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