Sunday Music

I feel better now. Since Frayday afternoon is was mostly lounging around, a good activity that helps with most things. I am not yet back to my old titanesque, tree ripping ways, but much is not missing.
At some point I quit reading the news, simply because it all becomes a little too absurd for my taste. Not only people demonstrating for their “freedom” to infect other people while infection rates go skywards, but ugly inner-German politics involving the far right, and the revealing mutterings of the little fuehrer – all this made me reach for the button in a healthy bout of self defence. “No more news” is of course no solution, but it helps for a limited stretch of time.
BTW I take it very serious what the little fuehrer said, he will not leave the White House and there will be no smooth transition of power. He lives in a comic-strip world, now we have reached chapter “Bullets & Ballots”. He is openly craving for violence, as his actions & remarks showed, especially at that “rally” in Tulsa. He already has a private army formed from these strange immigration authority – you know, the one that runs the (concentration) camps.
In the end it is not important what the little fuehrer does – he will do what he says he’ll do, what he always does – belie, exaggerate, create chaos.
Important is a) how far the socalled Republicans will follow on the path of self-destruction & abolishment of the remnants of US democracy. And, even more important, is b) what the souvereign says, the US people, at least those who vote (and whose votes are counted). The fact alone that these reservations must be made, shows the efficiency of the little fuehrer’s corrosiveness ; he and his enablers are seriously killing what is called US democracy, live & in real time. IF, against my expectation, the little fuehrer’s actions should end up with a little mishap, he always can jump on that big airoplane and fly to Russia, leaving the rest of his rotten gene pool behind ready to mutate until the bigger & better one will stumble on stage, because this kind of populism will stay.
But these are exact the black thoughts & reflections I wanted to avoid.
Let’s turn away from the uglyness, and listen to something nice : The unforgotten Cesária ÉVORA (1941-2011) (Ger., Eng.) performs Saudade (Paris, April 2004).
I hope you like the music. May the coming week be friendly to all of us.



12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. It’s a giving story, my life !
    Now I will have to look where the Green Cape is, what belongs to this area etc. Why not see this as starting point for an excursion, dear MsScarlet : Away with the duvet !

  2. Greetings to Schotty. So I understand that you like the show, dearest Mistress ? Do you watch the original version, or did they translate with a voice-over, or do they use subtitles ? I think there is an English version, an adaption by the BBC – but I have seen none of it, sorry.

  3. Beautiful voice for today. I’m with you regarding the news. What bothers me the most about the current situation re: Trumpito is that the press keeps framing questions to him regarding the transfer of power as if it’s his choice! On January 20, 2021 there will be an inauguration and Biden will be our new president! The only thing in Trumpito’s future is a prison cell!

    Here’s to a better week ahead, dear friend! xoxo

  4. As I understand it, every time this person blabs about a “stolen election” etc. he effectively tells the voter “Fuck you, clown, I will not accept what is on that stupid piece of paper you throw into that box ! I’ll have it deceided by MY judges !” This is obviously the plan – to make a rotten farce out of the basic democratic act. I can not see that this would not work, Savannah.

  5. He likes Putin because they are both fundamentally anti-democratic.

    I would like to say I avoid the news but unfortunately the regime here keeps changig the complicated rules about what we are and are not allowed to do.

  6. I’m watching the original German show, not the British edition. There are English subtitles so I can follow along but I understand a lot of the dialogue. It’s very funny. I highly recommend it.

  7. Hiding under a blanket !? You are another volunteer for our expedition to Capo Verde, wherever it may be, dear Dinahmow

    Both are nihilists, they both share the belief in nothing.
    I tried to figure out what is actually law right now in Britain, but as you mentioned, Looby,the rules are a bit unclear I think. So it’s beer in the park for the foreseeable future ?

    You are a woman of many talents and virtues, dearest Mistress ! I am glad to learn that you found something that cheers you up, and possibly helps with those batteries. Now if you could find something that makes you sleep …

  8. Dear Mago, I’m sorry – I have missed two Sunday Musics and Three Pennies! But at least I have the image of you striding around the countryside, uprooting giant flora in your “titanesque, tree ripping ways”!

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