To Chip In My Three Pennies

I do not see the fact that Donnie Rotten payed 750 $ federal tax for the two last years each as a scandalon. It is capitalism at work*, and I feel certain that the people responsible, surely mostly tax lawyers, did their job well – so it is without doubt all legal, and watertight.
It is also brazen, remarkably shameless, and morally banquerotte – but hey ! Look at the client – and if you are still surprised, I must ask you seriously where you spent the last four years ?
I find two things much more interesting. When you channel money away from the stately authorities, you create “black money”, Schwarzgeld. Where did it go to ? Of course there are the usual suspects, like Ireland, South Africa, Channel Islands, some Carribean affairs. This is a nice job for some agents, who like puzzles.
The other question is of course, where did the money come from ? Remember that Donnie Rotten payed for some things, for example that Scotish golf nonsense, in cash. And if I remember correctly for one hotel (in Atlanta ?) too. This does not reek, it stinks of money laundering. As I read, the files go back eighteen years. When was Donnie so active in Russia, together with his old “friends” (who now are out of jail) – wasn’t that in the early twothousands ? Maybe these files help to explain what exactly the connections are between Donnie Rotten and Deutsche Bank – that criminal institute that runs to this day the National Bank of Cyprus, the biggest money laundering machine of them all back in those years … why does the word “statutory period of limitation” pop up in my head right now ?
These files are a map. And in the hands of a good pathfinder, this map could lead to something interesting. Or disappointing – when we finally learn for how cheap the Russians bought their man.

* Wer hat, dem wird gegeben. Oder : Der Teufel scheißt auf den größten Haufen.

6 thoughts on “To Chip In My Three Pennies

  1. We are on the same page, my friend. Mathematics has always been a struggle for me, but some things are very clear. (And the Swiss Gnomes most breathe easier to see the heat on other countries, yes?)

  2. I am terrible at mathematics too Dinahmow – all nice and interesting graphical forms, but that these forms and signs could actually mean something, that’s a bit much …
    I think over the years the gnomes became less busy – but we should read the fincen files first.

  3. Yeah – where’s the fun when the main character – he be an ham actor or not – is absolutely shameless, dearest MsScarlet ?
    The actual “deed” itself is far from new : In the 1980s a German millionaire made public how he was “arm gerechnet, “made” poor for tax reasons. (Sorry, I can not translate this.)
    It went as far that the man could have been eligible for the dole ! He did not go so far, simply because he wanted to show how the system works, and in fact was ashamed of the whole procedure.
    As students (economics, law, and me, the only philosopher) we came to the conclusion that in Germany the most reliable & effective tax evasion scheme would be a foundation or trust. A little marvel in this respect is the form of “GmbH & Co. KG”. If one understands this, it is really nice.

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