Sunday Music, Monday Edition

Oh dear.
Dramatic light over the whole day. Rain now & then. The start into the working week was a bit turbulent. I came home late. Would be nice if things could improve a bit. Especially the autumn blues should be avoided. Sorry, I’m knackered. Let’s hear some uplifting music : On February 2nd 1932 Mr Duke ELLINGTON and his Famous Orchestra recorded the Cole PORTER song It Don’t Mean A Thing, vocals by Ivie ANDERSON. (1904-1949) (Ger., Eng.). Sometimes one has to go back to the originals.
I hope you enjoy the music, may this week be friendly to all of us.



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. You had rain only “now and then”? Lucky! It seems like it’s been raining every day for weeks here – possibly on a par with Devon’s Downpours… (it was dry today, though!)

    That was good choice of music, Mago. Did it wake you up a bit?

  2. Here it is, Friday, when I finally check out Sunday music on Monday. Been crazy busy at work and totally knackered when at home. I get how you feel, Mago. The other day, we had warmth and sunshine in the morning and just after I got to work in the afternoon, the clouds rolled in and it poured rain. Then the sun came out again. And in an hour or so, the clouds rolled in again, and we had a thunderstorm with pouring rain. And that went away quickly too, and the sun came out again in time for a lovely sunset. The wind has been crazy for several days, with fall’s leaves being flung high in the air above the trees, swirling all about. Strange weather goes along with strange times. Do take care, my friend.

  3. Yes, as the saying goes April macht was er will, it was more spring weather here, with remarkably warm mornings, strong winds (yippie on the autobahn), and intense light between the cloudish gray. Over the last day I was either in bed or on the road, not much in between, dearest Ponita. We worked this Saturday too, came home less than an hour ago, and now I feel a little displaced. Many things I wanted to do over the last week simply got pushed aside, hence I feel a little discontent, I can blame only me of course. It’s a drag …

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