Sunday Music

Yesterday was a normal working day for us. There are some Saturdays when schools run regular lessons, this is connected with the bridging days. In pre-corona times we would only work in the morning, because this was also a visiting day for parents, so they could meet other parents and teachers etc. And they would take their kids with them back home when leaving in the afternoon. Of course those without the posibility of personal transport would be driven home by a colleague, but as experience showed that would be very few kids. Things changed, so it’s just normal lessons. The school is very successfull, no infections – let’s hope that it stays this way.
My colleague complained & grumbled until I made a snippy remark, what did not really help to improve the situation, yes I’m a heartless monster. But in the afternoon I was presented with a piece of nut cake her husband had produced. His first try with that special recipe resulted in an excellent cake. I was full of praise, the only thing I had to grouse about was the lack of proper icing. Instead some nut cream was used – guess whose idea that was … one can’t do right ! Especially when asked to “say it freely and honestly – I can take it !” “Excellent cake, lousy ersatz icing” was obviously not what she wanted to hear. If we don’t have to face more serious problems …
Now let’s listen to some music : The componist Fazil SAY (Ger., Eng.) (piano) plays together with the violonist Friedemann EICHHORN (Eng.) a Grotesque from his Violin Sonata No.1. I hope you like the music. May we have a peaceful week ahead.



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Every cake should have the best matched icing! Some kind of nut cream sounds awful.

    That music sounds like the score from a spy movie. I like! Be well, Mago.

  2. The best stories are those in our heads. Those that create themselves, when you seeminly add nothing. Can be triggered yby many things, why not by a little piece of music ?
    Thank you Ponita, I’ll try my very best with the well being !

  3. I agree with Ponita – Spy movie music! Perhaps from a little known 50s/60s spy film? With spiders!

    Hmmm… Is this an alternate universe, I wonder? Cake has been mentioned, but no appearance from The Very Mistress. Most peculiar…

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