Can Books Steam ?

Yesterday evening I started to write another “book” post, but could not “make” it. There was no happiness in it. I had to collect the tomes from their usual place, and transferred them to my desk. As usual in absolutely random order, the first one about building the Residenz. I looked at it, and the whole heap, and thought “This is what distracts you ?” Retreat, escape, vanity too. Maybe you can tell that I felt a little blue.
Of course the virus, the infection rate here is steeply going up. And it is not “just because we test more”, it is undenyable that the infections do rise, not just in Germany, but in the whole of Europe. It is just a matter of time when the death rate will climb again, when intense care units will be filled – and what is most shocking, it is the lack of personal that does the most harm. Hospitals are these days lead as profit oriented enterprises, so when people are not needed they are redundant, hence “set free”, freigesetzt, the usual lie for fired : No more contract for you, go and ask for dole.
There is organised helplessness, inefficiency, no united national answer to the challenge. At a moment when all experts say that we are at a tipping point, that we are very close to loosing the edge while we still can “manage” what will happen, individual interests of the single German states rule over the federal common good of the society as a whole.
The seemingly never ending Brexit nonsense, and the USAmerican malarky do not help to ease the outlook. Spin it on a bit, and the winter looks very bleak and uninviting.
For the first time I feel hopeless. Dumbness, aggression, and uglyness are going to win. The books are just cheap placebos. I should burn the damn crap, would be better for my breathing anyway to have dust free rooms.
And roast a sausage over the fire. What reminds me of a Spanish author whose name I forgot. He wrote crime novels, and his detective just did that : Read a book, rip it apart, burn it, cook something. Even my memories come out of books. A paper life.

4 thoughts on “Can Books Steam ?

  1. I think, “dust free rooms” have a lot of advantages: better breath, less cleaning, beloved dust-allergic visitors ;-)
    But I doubt that saussages over a bookfire are a adequate, palatable solution …

    While my experiences right now, working in a official pancemic office (means: answering questions at the pandemic hotline for citizens, tracking covid-19-positive individuals and their close contacts, calling them and put them into official quarantine, calling positive individuals every two days to ask them about their symptoms, etc. etc.) – this experiences say that the most people here (Germany, but I think also it’s the same in other countries) are reasonable, protect themselves and their fellow human beings while following rules and restrictions very well.
    Only few show unreasonable behaviour, wants to make parties and journeys in risky places (“Is it allowed to celebrate my birthday party with 60 persons tomorrow?” “What are the rules I have to follow when I want to travel the weekend with my family in this special risky region?”). I tell them: yes, you can do it, right now it’s still legal (two days later maybe not) – but don’t you think about the very possible consequences for your guests, for your family? (The most infections here came from parties, family meetings, voyages).

    But the most people are very reasonable! I daily talk to them and listen to their opinions and see their behaviour: parents, employers, pupils, young and old people of all shades.
    I believe that we will survive that coming hard winter, and next spring and summer everything will look different and better.
    We have to exercise patience, keep contact and encourage one another – we both, we people on this blog, we and our families and friends and collegues and anybody else.

    KEEP YOUR CHIN UP!!! Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt! HOPE DIES LAST!


  2. As Anna says: Chin up!!
    I know it’s horrible at the moment, and scary for a multitude of reasons, but we have to plod on and try not to think the black thoughts.

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