Sunday Music

My head hurts a bit, the throat feels harsh, and a shiver comes from within. A cold grazed me. But nothing the holy trinity of bath, bed & tea can’t repair.
A little Sunday Music may help too : Guy LOMBARDO and His Royal Canadians perform September in the Rain (recorded 1937). I hope you enjoy the music, and stay healthy.



11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Oh, dear, Mago. I hope the cold is only “enjoying” a quick visit, and will be departing post haste for sunnier climes (September – and especially October’s rain are likely to drown it if it hangs around).

  2. I hope you’re “on the mend” and feeling better.

    Many members of my family (all now deceased) used to attend dances where Guy Lombardo was the entertainment. They loved him! He was incredibly popular. There is a Guy Lombardo Music Centre and Museum in London, Ontario, Canada.

  3. The little bugger wants to take hold here IDV, but I am not in the mood to allow it.
    We had interesting light over the days, a very interesting light show, I sadly could not fixate it in images. But basically with every meter one moved the light changed. The temperatures are a bit peculiar, with the first mild frost in the nights, and up to 20 degrees Celsius over the day.
    I have to confess that this cold made me a bit uncomfortable, more than usual, but maybe I know more tomorrow. Well, thankfully, no tests for us.

    I do not feel bad or sick, dearest Mistress, just uncomfortable, thank you !
    I found Mr Lombardo by sheer luck – and hope that this Sunday Music evoked good memories for you. He developed a very “mild ” “tone” for his orchestra, very recognisable.

  4. The music reminded me of my Mama and Miss Daisy! Big band music was so lovely. That particular song also makes me think of cartoons I used to watch as a child! I hope you feel better soon, sweetpea! Don’t take any chances, ok? xoxo

  5. I am arriving fashionably late as usual and I hope you are much improved by now! It always surprises me how something so simple as a gargle of salt water can make me feel better. Also, increase your vitamin c intake when you feel sick. It helps support the immune system. It is water soluble so you cannot get too much vitamin C, you just pee out the excess. :)

  6. I saw a funny meme yesterday. Is said:

    Russian novel: Is there meaning in suffering?
    French Novel: Is there meaning in love?
    American novel: Is there meaning in work?
    German novel: No

    Ha,ha,ha! One commenter said, “This is accurate about German novels, but it will take you 200,000 pages.” Would you agree? I can only think of one novel off the top of my head that was translated from German to English, but maybe they chopped the book in half for American audience, it was about the subject of trees. Ha,ha,ha

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