Sunday Music, Monday Edition

Sorry, I’m not in a talking mood. The last week was demanding, it had all : Headaches, flat tyre, additional work, I slept most of the weekend. And still feel tired.
Good luck to my venerated readers from the USA. I think it is allright when I say that it would be very nice & friendly from you, if you could put an end to the dishonourable corruption and vulgarity displayed through the last four years of your “president’s” reign. Sorry, it becomes boring, slowly.
On the other hand, I have full trust in the corrupt Republican party’s ability to purloin any election, isn’t “rustling” Mr Gerry Mander’s favourite leisure activity ?
Whatever you may decide or not, the fix may be in, or not, just take care, and please avoid to get shot. In the home of democracy.
So without further fuss some Sunday Music on Monday : Mr RICHTER plays a little Sarabande from HAENDELs Suite no. 16 in G minor, wahrlich innigliche drei Minuten.
I hope you like the music ; may your week be … decocked – ?



9 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. Perhaps a nice virtual wander around a garden or two is in order to clear your mind? I have just the thing for you… Yes, The Very Mistress’s 10th Annual Lady Garden Presentation has begun!

    (Thank you for the title)

  2. So here it is that I sit on Nov 4th with no clear winner. It’s painful to see there was no big rebuttal or wallop of Trump and his ways, but like you, I don’t underestimate the manipulation of the Republican party. I watch and wait and sharpen my knives. My state is solidly blue and I expect the fantasy of seceding from the Union will rise again if Trump wins. The combined contribution of the GDP from Washington, Oregon and California has always been an envy of the other states. If ever a line against Trumps policies needed to be held, this is the place for it. It’s why he threatens our cities with Federal Agents and National guard soldiers. Our State Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against Trump every day since his inauguration in 2016, and we just overwhelmingly re-elected our AG to keep doing so.

  3. And those shenanigans are still far from over, dearest Dinahmow. Glad you like the music – I am thrilled by your alchemy !

    I feel better now MsScarlet, thank you. I made a trip to Suebia through the infested lands by train today – marvellously I had most of the carriages for meself most of the time. I am looking to some nice & relaxed days, before I have to fire the vehicle up again on Monday morning.

    Ah yes – The Very Mistress’s 10th Annual Lady Garden Presentation ! I am ashamed, dearest IDV ! I should have been there, especially to the Triffidry part. I glimpsed, but could not read (same goes for other blogs, namely Ponita’s – sorry). And I could not come up with one damn image (maybe tomorrow) – even when you announced a soft stance on deadlines. Again, I am sorry, and beg for pardon, but it simply was not in me over the last days.

    HA – your AG needs to receive a medal, Melanie ! It really is not over until it’s over – isn’t it ?! I saw a headline saying that the Don will sue a state and demand the polling to be stopped. Heck, yeah, kill democracy, go for the jugular, just declare them votes crap and toss them. While you lead, of course. I wonder what will happen up to this date in January, when the new or old President will be inaugurated – it is still not over !
    Maybe all will be good under Pres Harris.

  4. Don’t forget the Hefekuchen for the waldshcrat next time you travel! Obstacles can be avoided with a few civil pleasantries. I find this to be a common theme in folklore throughout the cultures of the world. Setting out food for “the others”.

  5. Today half the news sources are saying ‘President Elect Biden’ (YAY!) and the other half are still waiting for the electoral college to flip a coin or whatever they do. For now, it looks very hopeful indeed. Of course there will be recounts and accusations of voter fraud and the usual crap, but…fingers crossed! COME ON JOE!!

  6. No apologies necessary, dear Mago. Sometimes the timing is just wrong or, as you say, it just isn’t in us to do something that at another time we could.
    I hope you have managed to rest and recuperate – if not to your normal self, then at least I hope you’re getting there.

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