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I am back from Suebia, it was an adventurous trip (what should take four hours max lasted for six hours, strange people all around). Things are how they are, we can not change much, while we try. The important thing is to step back, and keep one’s cool. Nothing we do, as for a living or because of enthusiasm, is worth that we become sick, ill, burnt-out – there is a limit, a frontier, and we should not step over it.
Of course, sometimes we do not sense that we stepped over that line already, this is why a burn-out is really bad. But our body, our soul, tells us, when enough is enough. And when this happens, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.
This Sunday Music is a short piece titled Nebel (Fog(s)), composed by Boris BACHER (1903-1975) (Ger., Eng.), performed by mezzosoprano Stella DOUFEXIS (Ger., Eng.) and pianist Axel BAUNI (about). I hope you like the music. May the coming week be restful, peaceful, encouraging for all of us.



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Lovely and very calming music, sweetpea! It’s the perfect day after for all of us! Trumpito was defeated and hopefully, he will not inflict ANY more damage on America or the rest of the world! xoxo

  2. The Mistress agrees with you, Herr Mago. I’ve burned out a few too many times so I learned the hard way.

    I’m so glad the Orange Menace is OUT! Well, almost out. On his way out, SOON.

  3. Very calming, Mr Mags. No I’m not keen on burn out either – it’s caused me no end of minor, yet chronic, health issues to deal with – don’t go there!
    Yes, Trump is on his way out!!!

  4. I still bet that he’ll end up in his Moscow tower, Savannah.

    I am eagerly awaiting to see Giuliani’s rotten & corrupt visage all over the tv presenting “facts” & “evidence”, dearest Mistress. Sadly Conway already has jumped the sinking ship, she’d be perfect for this job : These people are capable of presenting Jesus Christ as Muslim terrorist.

    Teeth gnashing, tinnitus, tics – all these tress related nicities. I do my best to avoid all this, MsScarlet !

    I do not want to spoil it, or be overly negative – but The President of Our Hearts is still in office : It is only over when it’s over, sometime on 20th of January 2021 (if I remember the date correctly). The little fuehrer killed already some hundredthousands of American citizens by neglience, so his contempt for other people’s lives is clearly evident. He is a sucker for violence. And do not forget that more than 70 million Americans voted for this swine – nearly half of the USAmerican population likes Trump’s protofascism !
    I think the danger of a violent kind of civil unrest is not averted. Some stupid hillbilly bloke will use that damn gun, it is made for shooting up Democrats after all, isn’t it ?!

  5. You didn’t take the Hefekuchen I suggested last week? I think they could have made your trip easier. Even if you were the only one to eat them during breaks. I wish I could offer you more than just old world advice. Please don’t burn out! Find ways to refresh your spirit. I don’t know what that means for you, it means something different for each person.

    I did a search, thinking of something that might make you feel something and this is what the spirits fetched:

    It means nothing to me, but maybe it means something to you. I need to focus this week. Always too much thinking and not enough writing on my part.

  6. No, sorry Melanie – and it was a mistake ! The Waldschrate run amok, it was a kind of Schrat insurrection ! I doubt that some simple Küchlein were (are ?) enough to please them. But no worries, dear friend, I am not gonna burn out – this is a not burning on both ends person ! More built for comfort.
    The spirits kead you to a very very good place, the ST.Gallen Stiftsarchiv is a place any historian should visit with veneration and humbleness. It is there as an institution since the 8th century, and will still be there when we are all gone. Yes, it means a lot to me – thank you !

    Ah, the thinking-writing-antagonism. A difficult problem, because one is nothing without the other, but – as you say – sometimes one needs to focus, and put that damn pen to the paper : Write, write, write – the weeding comes later.

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