Swinetrek Goes Down

I made the mistake to visit “news” sites this evening, I had cut down a bit over the last days. The first thing that greeted me was the rotten visage of consigliere Guiliani, who spluttered out lies. I can make no more sense out of this man. I remember a keen Attorney General, and a hard handed major of NewYork, who actually said sentences that made sense. I can not bring it together with this caricature I see today. Is it the money ?
I doubt. I think Rudolfo, as his master, is high on a certain form of “un-limitness”, “Entgrenzung” – best shown in Donnie Rotten’s remarks about his freedom to grab female genitalia whenever he wants : These guys can do anything they want. The burgoise limits do not count for them anymore. They think they are free. Free to use any thing and any person as they like. As they did, and as they still do.
But I do not want to dwell on this seriously depressing aspect of personal deformation. The Swinetrek is already trundling down to earth, not in flames (?), BUT it is still some weeks until the spaceship will hit ground. Time enough to freely damage whatever one wants. Again, I do not want to speculate on what Donnie Rotten and his henchmen will do – on the 20th of January 2021 a new President will be sworn in.
The inner circle of Swinetrek will just go, Donnie Rotten’s ugly gene pool will vanish from the White House, these people have no official function, there is simply no place for them. I wonder if Donnie Rotten simply retreats to his club / whorehouse, or if he will flee to Moscow. If he has still one lucid moment left, he will step aside, so that this piece of wood called Vice President, then President, can pardon him, give him a full dispens for anything he did since he came to this world. I would prefer Donnie in his Moscow tower – one can dream …
Then there are the henchmen : Barr, Miller, Pompeo, deVos, Mnuchkin, and a lot of others. Their contracts simply expire, cheerio and off you go : The damage is done, the booby traps are left behind. But I seriously believe that the new administration will be overrun by competent people who know what to do, and that the damage will be contained as far as possible. With the notable exception of foreign politics – there is nothing to be contained anymore, nothing will be as before, there is un-repairable damage.
The third group is the worst, it is the group that stays, that is the Republican Party. Cruze, Cotton, Graham, worst of all McConnell – these people still think that there is a future politics with Donnie Rotten, after all what has happened. They seemingly love the boot that is sticking out of their arses.
The man is out. He must be. Yes, over seventy million Americans still voted for this pig, but that can not mean that one who is in his right mind makes himself common with this abomination. It means that seventy millions of the US population have a serious problem with values, with democracy, with the basis of their own society. No responsible politican can in any way support this terrible brainless emptiness, especially a conservative one has to go against this with anything he has : Trump’s protofascism denies everything the US (wants to) stand(s) for. If this does not work – then split it up : Accept that the gap is un-bridgable ; find a solution for the military ; do not uphold the phantasma of “unity”, but accept that these “states” do it for themselves – some with Bible, gun, and burning crosses, while others prefer The Declaration of Human Rights, non-violent solutions, and tolerance.
But hey, real Americans are no European sissies, tah ! Or Canadian. Ach, Hogthrop !

6 thoughts on “Swinetrek Goes Down

  1. You’re absolutely correct! Trumpito KNOWS that once he’s out of office, he will be indicted by the state of New York whose Attorney General has been waiting! As to his cabal of criminals they too will be out on their asses and subject to whatever comes their way. Trumpito’s spawn will go back under the rocks they were under before he took power. 70 million people may have voted for Trumpito, but mark my words, they will have forgotten about him by the middle of next year. xoxo

  2. You may be right Savannah, the president of our hearts may be forgotten largely in the course of next year, the memory of the masses may be short. But what also stays behind is that the new-right, armed militias organised themselves. “Liberate Michigan” etc – and all of a sudden you find armed idiots conquering another Capitol. Maybe it is better to see armed, racist antidemocrats in the open than having them hide behind nasks of bourgeoisie.
    I wish Mr Biden health, and I really hope that Ms Harris stands the test. She could be a worthy successor to Biden, and she has a chance to beat Ivanka in the next election.

    Posting galore – titanesque, MsScarlet, titanesque …

  3. IMHO, dearest Dinahmow, no human being can be blamed for the virus, it is just a natural occurence, a mutation – and mutations are nature’s way to find out what works. This thing is very effective & efficient. The American President did nothing to contain the virus, he still today denies that the think is a threat. The fact that now more than 250.000 Americans died from this is mostly a result of this man’s ineptness – all the more it is not understandable why people actually voted for him.

    I know IDV, and I am sorry. The train of thought started with Savannah’s post about NASA TV,what made me think of Swinetrek ; after I had read the news I thought that the prez of our herats seeingly lives in a bubble, or a spaceship, and that there would be a bursting “plopp” or a harsh impact when finally slamming into Earth, hence the title for my diatribe. My apologies to you, IDV, and of course I bow to Ms Piggy and Captn Link – my hero !

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