Sunday Music

This is no “sun”-day, but a gray & cold amassement of light after a freezing night.
I have a small headache and shiver from within, actually I wrapped a rug around me while I sit at my desk, but better cool than feverish.
Last week saw some very ugly scenes in our parliament (nazis doing nazi things), and on the streets (idiots doing idiot things), about these “things” is nothing left to discuss. I read somewhere in a serious publication (sadly I forgot to link the article, sorry) that the latest conspiracy theory says the virus would be an invention by “the Jews” to kill “the poor”. If this theory is really peddled, I must tip my hat to its inventor – it is genius in its perfidiousness.
But I do not want to think about this crap now, it is Sunday after all, even if he sun is invisible for me, I know that s/he shines somewhere else right now : sol invictus.
A good way to feel better on a gray day is listening to some nice, rousing music – this Sunday Music comes from Glen GRAY (Ger., Eng.) & The Casa Loma Orchestra (Ger., Eng.), the title is No Name Jive. At six minutes bit longer than usual, but why cut off the boys while they are at it ?
I hope you enjoy the music, may we all come through next week unhurt on body and soul.



12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I’ve had the sun. All day! Mwah hah hah hah haaaaaaa!!!
    As I’m feeling benevolent, you may have it on Wednesday and Thursday, Mago. Although, you may have to share with Ms Scarlet on Thursday…

    P.S. Nice music choice!

  2. Sorry MsScarlet, the heaps are too large o ignore in general. But at least on Sunday there shall be peace – and smell suppressing spray …

    Norfolk sun – especially the golden mists of Trimingham – very promising, very classy, and aesthetically satisfying, dear IDV. Makes me wonder if there is something adequate in Franconia … ? I doubt.

  3. I believe Coronavirus is God’s wrath upon the West and to homosexuals and all those old people who voted for Brexit. I’m not one to crow but the weather has been beautiful today, I managed to get the grass cut, front and back.

  4. I’m sure there must be many more than adequate sites in Franconia – early morning sun over the hilly vineyards, maybe? Or on the shore of one of the many bodies of water in the Franconian Lake District, perhaps? I know: One of those castles on a hill that you have posted about before?!

  5. Now I have an image of the cock crowing in my head, thank you Mitzi. A little red rooster.

    I can not believe that I shall go to work tomorrow morning. I will try to snap a picture with original Franconian “morning light”, if possible. No castles involved IDV, maybe ramshackle huts.

  6. It’s difficult to ignore the insanity here that pops up thanks to Trumpito and his cabal, but the minute I start railing at the TV, I hit mute! That’s also the moment the MITM starts the “reeling it in” pantomime and we both laugh! Take care, sugar, and be safe! xoxo

    p.s. video not available, so I’ll look for it!

  7. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving, Savannah. (And I swear I commented on your blog yesterday.)
    Sorry to learn that Mr Gray does not jive at Your place – I saw another upload of the song, I even compared some versions, and went for this one just because of the sound.
    Let’s hope that loser Trump and his clownshow can not do too much additional damage until they are flushed out finally.

  8. Yep, Amurga – where you can shoot a man when seventeen, but can’t buy a beer. I’m not astonished that this super hot video is censored there … I once knew a “Schtuppsi” – any relationship ?

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