Sunday Music

It was a bit of a week, work related. I was running without a co-driver since Monday afternoon, and the kids enjoyed their new found freedom. At least for one day, then the little girl of eight years restored order, a natural born leader, so to say. I had to draw a line when she started to order me to pick up things they had thrown around. She’ll end up as three star general or something.
Besides that I was driving through fine Franconian fog all the time, tiring but interesting. I do not believe that Franconian fog is comparable to Devon Murk, the latter can be cut into pieces.
I look to the coming week, especially tomorrow, with mixed feelings, because the vehicle needs to see a repair shop for electrical or electronical matters ; for some days I get pestered with random messages on the dashboard, what is not too confidence building. I wanted the vehicle to go in earlier, but there was no spare available, “leasing” may not always be the best solution.
Enough with this boring stuff.
I was tempted to use something Christmas-y for thie Sunday Music on the First Sunday of Advent, but then I found this nice version of Mr HAENDELs Sarabanda Grave of his suite in D Minor (HWV 437) performed by the Charl Du PLESSIS Trio (Eng.). I hope you like the music. May we have a trouble-free and un-eventful week.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. “Baroqueswing” an intriguing combination. I like it! I do so love a good bass line that reverberates through one’s bones! Not a hip hop thump, thump, thump school boy sort of way, but a call and response in a battle drums sort of way. I can create my own religious experiences in the power of resonance.

    I love your description of the budding young 3-star general girl! That was me once upon a time.

  2. Glad you like it Dinahmow.

    If she’s in the mood she can dominate the whole company. And of course, Melanie, she has the ability to make her friend do silly things. She’s on her way to become a really interesting woman.

    Glad that you like it too, Savannah.

    The fog disappeared over the last days, the cold came, and today I drove through winter wonderland. Are you a nebulous person, dearest Mistress ? Some people do loathe fog seriously, I find it fascinating. Everything looks different, all sounds different, it can be a bit magic.

  3. Oh, I like that piece of music!
    No murk here today, just endless rain and muddy puddles – sleet and snow due tomorrow – but it will probably turn out to be icy steady rain instead.

  4. “Devon Murk” shouldbe a protected trademark ! I can say nothing about devon Mud, sorry. I hve to deal with Franconia’s holy soil, and it is sticky.
    Glad you like the music, IDV.

    Another satisfied reader-hearer – glad to learn that you like it MsScarlet. “No murk today” has a ring to it – wasn’t there a line “no milk today” ?
    I can do without rain very well. After some freezing nights the soil is really cold, the streets’ tarmac also – raining on these frozen streets is an invitation for disaster.

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