The last days were busy, this day was busy, then all of a sudden the busyness was over. Like a door slammed shut. I parked the vehicle, did the usual paper work, listened to the classic radio until the piece was finished. I got out, turned the key in the driver’s door, all as usual. Then I swung in the door mirror, and it dawned on me that I will not start this vehicle again until mid-January.
Of course it began to rain when I had got out, and walked back home.
The kids had been cheerful, especially in the afternoon ; my codriver had been talkative, more than usual ; my dispatcher was at the gate of the institution, looked me directly in the eye, and wished me all the best. It felt strange, not the usual goodbye.
This time the “lockdown” (I still struggle to find a fitting German translation for this word) comes with a nightly stay-at-home order between 21:00 and 5:00, trespassers after nine will be shot, masks everywhere. The numbers are simply too high – infected people, people dying from the illness. Something must be done, a responsible gouvernement can’t just step aside and let them citizens die. In the end, the pandemic is nothing else but a bratwurst, a matter of trust.
I will spent the next days on doing houshold things, like clean stuff, wash clothes, maybe even sort some books (?).
It was about time to have a break. My codriver and me did anything to avoid the sore spots, where we rubbed – like e.g. the subject of vaccination. I happily go for the annual flue shot, while she rejects it – of course she will not have a corona shot voluntarily, only if / when our employer demands it. There are other topics, where I can not understand her attitude, and – what is more important – a really friendly & regardful discussion leads nowhere. I really tried. (Yes, I may do something wrong, I seriously asked myself. But frankly, I have no clue : In the end I can do nothing more than ask in a friendly & un-confronting way. Many times there was no answer, so no further discussion.) To make it absolutely clear, she is in no way comparable to the nazi-monster I had sitting next to me while my regular was ill. And while we are at it : She could have ditched me far easier any time than me her, simply because she is in the job for a long time, and she is good at it. We both are now on a long “tour” that earns us good money, we both worked our way up to this, together over the last years. But nevertheless, a break of nearly four weeks is necessary, and welcome.
And yet, at least this evening, it feels all a bit … cold ? It all has a tinge of, ich wess ned, hoplessness ? Ach, what do I know what lurks Sous le Feuillage Sombre



8 thoughts on “Schattig

  1. I’m sad that your co-worker is this way.We shall have to organise a blog party to cheer you! Yes! A virtual banquet…Scarlet is always up for a party, especially if chocolate is involved.I’ll have a word…
    Meanwhile, some more lovely music might help. Today’s choice is soothing.

  2. It is a nice little aria, isn’t it ? I know nothing about the singer.
    No worries Dinahmow, my codriver and me are growing, on each other it seems. And of course, I am not an easy companion also, the poor lady has to suffer a lot.
    A blog party ? It’s ages since the Mistress did the naked twister … you mean MsScarlet can be lured in with a chocolate egg ? Reminds me that I have to write down something for the “DId I WIn Yet Competition”.

  3. a responsible government can’t just step aside and let them citizens die. – Wanna bet? The UK is opening it’s doors at Christmas to let the Grim Reaper party!
    And talking of parties – Yay! I’m up for Dinah’s brilliant virtual one! What a fabulous idea to bring virtual gifts!


  4. The virtual parties of the past were not too liver lenient, at least as my memory says, dear Dinahmow. Someone always needed to be rescued from the Vodka fountain …

    Shop ’til you drop & party to the end, why not ? I think it is a stupid idea to interrupt a strict “lockdown” for some days, just for sentimental reasons, when the whole idea of a “lockdown” is to interrupt and minimise social contacts to stop the spread of a deadly virus. But that’s just me, dear MsScarlet, bloody layman etc. An unwanted result of the “lockdown” is that the numbers of domestic violence will sky-rocket, what means simply violence against women. Sadly corona is not teachable, like “bite assholes only” …

  5. It is insane, isn’t it? Here in the USA, we now have proof positive that Trumpito and his cabal decided that it was better for COVID-19 to infect as many people as possible and denied scientific evidence that said we needed a vaccine in order to achieve “herd immunity” not widespread infection! This denial of science has encouraged far too many people to “pick a side” based on a political bend, not fact! I have tried to cut those voices/people out of my life because there’s just no reasoning with folks who won’t listen! (I just went on a rant, didn’t I? Sorry, sweetpea) xoxoxo

  6. CAKE, some said CAKE, dear IDV !

    No worries Savannah. BTW this “herd immunity” thing is officially dead (as some thousands Swedes), the Swedesih king declared that this kind of policy lead nowhere – “We failed.”
    It was misanthropic shit from the start, now it is evidenced shit. If someone still says “herd immunity” is great, he basically advocates mass murder. IMHO all this talk about “herds” is a variation of the “survival of the fittest” theme, is nothing but social Darwinism at work : Kill the weak …

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