Sunday Music on a Tuesday

I’m sorry – for being late, and for nothing have to say. Felt pretty lethargic, torpid even, over the last days. Yes, I used the hoover, one room a day ; I bought shtuff ; I stuffed clothes into a machine for washing. But I kept it low, one day equals one action. I found getting up in the socalled morning every day more challenging than just lying in bed. But at last I made a plan, decided what to do when – like tomorrow. Yes tomorrow, then a lot will be achieved …
Until the days of achievement will come, we could listen to some sentimental ibero-american guitar music : Xuefei YANG (Eng.) performs (flawlessly) Eterna Saudade by Diermando REIS (1916-1977) (Eng.). I hope you like the music. May this week be harm-less to all of us.



3 thoughts on “Sunday Music on a Tuesday

  1. Ah, tomorrow. Tomorrow is the best day for doing things. I get everything I need to done tomorrow.
    Well, I would if the dratted day ever came…

    Still, until tomorrow does finally turn up, it sounds like you’re doing the best thing by portioning out your chores into managable slices – one per day.

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