Sunday Music, Monday Edition

Here we are in stone cold Suebia. On arriving I saw cars covered under thick layers of melting snow, obviously they were driven into the big city from the freezing countryside, the drivers in search for a bright future, human companionship, or at least a warm spot to stay.
But what found those poor souls ? Lashing rain, gray streets, curfew at 20:00. In Bavaria it’s at least 21:00.
So let’s hear a little piece of music, just right for the dejected depressive : Mellan branta stränder by Jan JOHANSSON (Ger., Eng.), from the 1967 album Jazz på ryska. I hope you enjoy the music.



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. A happy New Year to all of You !

    Snow. Monochrome world. A certain blueness, dear MsScarlet, sorry.

    Glad to see that you like the music IDV. Thank You again for making me a star !

    Ein gutes Neues Jahr für Dich Mistress, danke !

    Thank You for dropping by. Sorry, I am not too loquacious right now.

  2. Sounds very atmospheric, it could be used as dreary background music for My 600lb life, will he pull through the operation or won’t he?

    Happy New Year!

  3. Here I am, arriving unfashionably late as usual. No one has ever accused me of being fashionable, but I’m rather fond of keeping company with old shoes and bygone eras. This is the kind of piano music best enjoyed from underneath. It tugs at fond recollections of my Grandmother playing something somber with much timbre, while I laid barefoot and stretched out underneath, like a cat. (I’m sure my grandmother would have beat with a newspaper if I’d ever dared to stretch out on top of her precious baby grand piano! It was held in high reverence.) I always found it fascinating that tiny hammers striking wires could produce such a sound.

    It is a soggy mess here too. One must rely on stronger coffee and teas to get anything done.

  4. Enviable, Mitzi, how you can get to the heart attack of something – smooches, du kleiner roter Racker…

    I do not want to get anything done Melanie. I switch bewteen bed, sofa – and obviously the des now & then. But that’s it. I need marzipan.

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