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This turn of the year did not feel like others. There was not that optimistic feeling, the more or less happy outlook unto something new. Simply because there was nothing new to be expected. A bit like when you move to another place, you always take yerself with you. And when the problems are in you, when you are the problem, you face it the other morning, as usual.
The virus did not go away miraculously. In fact we have an even more serious situation as some week(s) before. The numbers do not go down, more and more people do get infected ; more and more people die from the illness ; the feeling creeps in that our arrangements, and sanctions, are less effective than we thought. And of course, the deniers, the know-betters, cheap yellers who have no idea about the practice and use anything that may be less than optimal to produce themselves, oh ihr Schaumschläger, ihr Gleissner !
The lockdown is tightened, I will not work until the end of the month.
Trump did not go away, miraculously. We will have to carry this load of garbage for another two weeks, and GOd alone may know what will happen in Amurga until & after the 20th. There is really nothing left to say about all this malarky. Vlad laughs his arse off, the Chinese smile is inestimable.
Europe, Germany, Franconia, myself, we all are soldiering on, blundering on, wursteln weiter.
Is PASCAL (1623-1662) (Ger., Eng.) right when he says that das ganze Unglück der Menschen rührt allein daher, daß sie nicht ruhig in einem Zimmer zu bleiben vermögen ? Man’s misfortune origins only in his inability to stay calmly in a room ?
I have books, music, and a microwave. What else do I need ?
A blog. Obviously. Night People, and MsScarlet’s QUEST.

8 thoughts on “Back in Blog

  1. Oh dear! The deadline for the quest is looming and I have forgotten to pester for entries. I have only had two. Oh dear, I’d better write a reminder tomorrow.

  2. Now we need to plakat it all over the web ! Bill-sticking ! A swirl of ads ! No more phone booths to scribble your email down – damn ! Pubs closed. Can we get it into national news ? Hacker help !
    A gentle reminder would also be nice, dearest Msscarlet.

  3. I was doxxed today, or something very much like it. My phone was flooded with robocalls like I’ve never experienced before. They dogpiled in 3’s and 4’s nonstop for over two hours and leaving long voice messages. Trying to use “block caller” to stop them was like trying to stop a flood with a toothpick, but you know me, I’m a fighter. I had to DO something even if it was futile. Today I was that valiantly sad American action-movie character that sacrifices themselves so the main characters can continue on with the story line.

  4. “doxxed” is a new word, thank you Melanie. Thankfully robocalls passed me, I do not need this experience. Does it help to switch the phone off for some time ?
    I hope your heroic self-sacrifice felt good, nevertheless I fear it failed to impress the robots.

  5. I’ve done the seven-day trial for 2021 and have to say that I’m not impressed. I would like to cancel my subscription.
    Meanwhile, as tRump tweets while democracy burns, I am going on nine months waiting for a determination on disability benefits. I brought in about $2000 last year from freelance work and have used up most of my savings. I can’t touch my retirement benefits for another four years without incurring a significant penalty.
    Even when Biden takes over, I do not imagine that things will improve significantly for people like me. However, at least there will no longer be the threat of a wannabe dictator and his rabid sycophants taking over the U.S.

  6. Excuse me Cara – you can not give it back. And sorry, bought as is, warts and all. I really do not like the idea of you canceling the subscription, the finality is a bit too much.
    A decision on diability benefits ? With all your ailments it’s a wonder that you still stand upright.

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