Just Another Worried Idiot on the Web

I can’t help, but I have to watch the news. It is fascinating to see what develops in the US.
I think it is fair to assume that Trmp’s presidency has ended now. I do not believe that someone in his right mind – if someone in his right mind does still serve in this trainwreck – will obey orders from this ex-President. Especially re the nukes, I think the world can trust the American military : These are highly professional people, and I can not imagine that a USAmerican officer will start the nuclear holocaust on the orders of a deranged arsehole that tries to grab the last straw to “save” himself and his corrupt administration.
It is over. It may be wrong to compare, but I have the impression that Trump’s White House becomes more and more a caricature of a certain Berlin bunker.
Anyway. The dam has broken, the damage is done, it is now all about damage control.
I think the most important question is now what will happen after the 20th of January 2021. All we know now is that Trump will not attend the inauguration of his rightly elected successor. What simply rises the question, where will Donnie be – and stay ?
The worst possible situation that could arise, is that Trump somehow dies. If he simply drops dead the hard core mob will go into hyper-drive (is this “warp speed” ?), and I think then the danger of armed, brutal unrest is not only high & real, I think that in this case bloody real fighting will breake loose. They will not believe that he simply croaked, a new martyr is born, myth-making will start before he hits the ground.
I think the divine intervention will not take place, and the old battleaxe will just soldier on. What leaves basically two possibilities : Either he stays in the US, working tirelessly on his “comeback”, on installing the Trump Dynasty, holding “rallies”, and being generally a payne in the arse of this country until he dies peacefully in his bed. This would mean that the Republican Party (or what is left of it) sooner or later would be faced with the possibility of a kind of split. IF this party finds the cojones to draw a line, and to end the flirt with far right, dangerous militants, vulgo Trumpists.
This may be wishful thinking, but at the moment I can not imagine that they carry on as they did for the last years. Trumpists like Cruz, Cotton and Co. may have to find another club, but the party itself has a chance to re-invent itself. Of course it would also mean that there is a far-right, anti-democratic, violent movement installed that is here to stay. What reminds me of what Trump said in 2016, when he always blabbed about “the movement” and himself being “the leader”, exactly like Adolf, der Führer der Bewegung. Didn’t he say just in one of his last speeches that “the march has just begun” or something ?
The other possibility is that Trump signs some pardons, jumps on an aeroplane and goes to places. Scotland, for some golf – wonder how Boris would react. Or for a lenghty visit of his tower in Moscow – don’t laugh, I think this is a real option. Or he could go to this mystical island he supposedly bought – don’t know nothing about this, it is hear-say.
These two mentioned possibilities require that Trump a) has the brains left to organise these things, and to develop a kind of plan, and b) that he has the means – simply : money – to pull this through, for himself, and his entourage.
I doubt both. I doubt a) because it requires insight into the actual situation. And as I understand it, Trump has no more “insight” into what is “real”. I seriously believe that this guy is out in his own reality that has no more rapport to the “real” world of us small humans. I doubt b) simply because he started to collect money with this semi-fraudulent “re-election fond” shortly after the election. Trump never was a billionaire, rich yes, but not stinking rich. And what he showed through all his life is the inability to handle money. I simply guess he has a deficit problem, to put it mildly.
In the end, all my warble is futile. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, within the next ten days, and beyond. Trump may either piss off, and keep yelling from somewhere on this planet to a hopefully dwindling throng of believers ; or he may go fully Adolf and call them for the last stand, call openly for violence, rebellion, and overthrow, happy 20th then.
A way out for all involved, possibly even in the interest of “the Nation”, could be to declare him insane and to commit him to an institution, Guantanamo perhaps. But this is just a pipedream …
Trump is just a symptom, a nasty mushroom – the underlying mycel is still there. It is even strengthened. We saw the irrational break into the world, into a place that should be used for rational decision making, a place that should be safe, where civilised discussion should take place. The irrational is just a stone’s throw away.
When the assembly came together again, some blokes from Pennsylvania made a frivolous claim to overthrow the votes. A lawmaker reproached, they came close to throwing fists, Pelosi threw them out. The lady must feel like presiding over a

6 thoughts on “Just Another Worried Idiot on the Web

  1. I can’t help but think, “I wish a muthafucka would…” attempt to try that shit in around here! Our democracy is far more fragile than most people ever thought possible. I can only hope that we, as a people, as a country, can heed President-elect Biden’s words and finally address the racism that is part of what brought us to this point. I KNOW there are far more people of good heart and awareness than the idiots we’ve seen on the news. xox

  2. I must admit, I’m surprised that he managed to stay alive as long as he has. I felt sure someone would have offed him way before now, but as that didn’t happen, maybe he’ll soldier on after the 20th for long enough for all the skeletons in his closet to come out and be found guilty of all his crimes and misdemeanors? Maybe…

  3. Nope. He’s not coming to the UK. Nicola Sturgeon has already informed him that he’s not welcome in Scotland [so I believe] – Covid regs for one thing, will stop him. I don’t care where he goes, and like Mr Devine, I’m surprised that nobody has as yet put him out of his misery.

  4. I wish you are right Savannah !

    AT least he then would have to spent the remaining days on earth in court rooms, perhaps even in a nice cell. We’ll see IDV.

    I think Ms Surgeon has the guts to kick the bastard where it hurts if he should try to soil speckless Scotland, dearMsScarlet.

  5. He’s a vessel that other people pour their hopes and ideologies into. In the end, it doesn’t really matter what he himself does, but how others choose to frame his words and actions to propel their own agendas. This is what makes it all so dangerous. He isn’t the head of a venomous snake that can be cut off, he’s a “cult of personality.” It’s true that if he died now they could martyr him without him getting in the way of their self-fulfilling prophecies. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that Republicans would make terrible chess players.

  6. There is the strong possibility that even when Trump abandons ship in the next days, those who do want the civil unrest / holy war / restauration of whatever to come now, actually do pull the trigger. For some the impeachement of the dear leader will possibly be just the last “sign” or “signal” they need, others may already be far more abroad. Some days ago I read about some “Christian” groups, they may be fringe (at least I seriously hope so !), where members in full earnest said that Trump was “god send”, and theyx meant it.
    The problem is that for a foreign watcher, who depends on (various) news outlets, correspondents etc., it is difficult to separate more or less nonsensical & unimportant crackpots from other idiots who need to be taken serious. Would you have thought some days ago that a guy with a horned helmet runs through the capitol yelling ? Me certainly not, Melanie. I want to be sure that not the whole country is descending into a violent freak show, as Savannah assures us – but sadly I can not be sure about this, the possibility that the whole thing goes blam seems to be too real. The other possibility is that the whole lousy charade ends like the Hornberger Schießen – what started with much fanare, ended with a pff. But I fear this is wishful thinking. Guns have the tendency to develop their own logic, and when one carries such a little mincemaker, one sooner or later has to use it.

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