Sunday Music

Today for the first time in ages, at least it feels so, a big yellow light appeared in the sky ! Sol invictus greeted us, with wonderful light only, sadly not with warmth, the mercury barely rose above zero point. It will be a freezing night too, a notably dark & freezing night, not one single cloud appeared pretending to work as duvet. When an unlucky soul stands outside and looks up, he, she or it must be shattered by the fulgurant insight that there is nothing between himself and the next star, just coldblack emptyness.
Let’s go inside and listen to some music : From the album Two Jims And Zoot (1964) (Eng.) we hear All Across the City. I hope you like the music. May we face a peaceful week.



14 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Amazingly, I’d never come across Jimmy Raney before! Equally amazingly, the song Stella By Starlight jumped uninvited into my head some time during the black hours of last night. Check out Jimmy’s version. (You do need to know the tune though.)

  2. You are not alone with this Tim – I found Raney by accident some time in December, I had never heared of him behore. For Stella by Starlight I use Ella’s version as reference. I listened to Raney’s Tokyo version – and he realy de-constructed the whole thing. It reminded me – despite apparent differences – of what Birelli Lagrene did with the melody (here). Isn’t it always new and amating what different versions people can create from one text ?

  3. Blinding, eh ?
    VItamins – pff, I do not believe in Vitamins. I never saw one, dearest IDV

    A post about deadlines and vitamines, dear MsScarlet – so I can deny both !

  4. Oh! Now wait just a minute, Sir! You cannot usurp ownership of deadline denial.No, indeed not! I have just missed Scarlet’s deadline, even after she extended me the courtesy of more time.
    Maybe we could share the Pedestal of Shame?

  5. Shame ?!
    HA ! I missed deadlines all my life ! I am through with shame on this respect, I am a pro.
    No Pedestal for me Dinahmow, but I am ready to burn my candles at the foot of yours.

    Maybe I should look for a chair now …

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