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It seems endless. With the norable exception of a few days spent in Suebia actually living, it starts to feel like an endless drag, just without the funny clothes (sorry for the bad pun).
One of the main daily tasks is to get out of bed, collect meself together, and try to get something done. At least I vegetate in a clean appartement – they were not dust bunnies, but dust cats ! – and vinegar cleans anything. The weather is un-inviting, so stepping outside is restricted to, or better : connected to, doing something useful, like a walk and some errands. Meanwhile I know the prefab food in the local supperette backwards.
I think I am not the only one who slowly shows signs of crumbling. I have the impression that people are nowadays more prone to altercacions, or arguments, than usual, about petty nullities, on the parking lot between stangers, on the house’s floor between neighbours. But really remarkable is the silence, all over.
The numbers do not really go down, it always lingers around one thousand dead humans a day, around twenty thousand newly infected a day. In the end it all comes down to endurance.
Tomorrow I have to buy new masks, from next Moday on socalled FFP-2-masks are mandatory in Bavaria ; those I have already used are very good, much better than simple “OP-Masken”, single use chirurgical face masks, the run-of-the-mill equipment. I used a FFP-2-mask when travelling, and at one point I had to take it off to wipe my nose. Only then I noticed the metallic smell of the heating I happily had put my cold feet on, so yes, if you make it fit well, such a mask works well.
The ugly beard is gone – it was white ! – but I do not like what I see in the mirror : Too fat, too large brownish bags under the eyes, too lethargic. I hate to yammer around, but at the moment it feels diffult not to, sorry for the whimper fest.
As excuse I can offer Larks’ Tongues in Aspic (King Crimson 1972), if you like.

6 thoughts on “Just So

  1. I know what you mean about crumbling. Despite normally avoiding ‘people’ and shying away from physical contact (even before the pandemic), I’ve found myself wondering what it would be like to meet up with a few friends and maybe even have a hug.
    What we need is a few days of sunshine to dry everything and everyone out, banish the lethargy and brighten us up a bit. Perhaps then we can face our MirrorMes head on?

    P.S. I was listening to “Larks’ Tongues in Aspic” while reading and writingthis – how creepy and peculiar it is.

  2. You need a “group hug” IDV !
    Lark’s tongues were a Roman snack, I saw it in a documentary about a certain Brian.

    Do you, by any chance, also avoid direct sunlight, dearest Mistress ?

  3. Group hug!!!
    I am the shadow of my former self. I really don’t know what happened to me during 2020 – but at some point I decided I hated most of my clothes – and they are mostly too big now in any case – so somehow I now look completely different. I’ve never had an unintentional make-over before, so that was odd. And I have re-embraced the colour black in my wardrobe.
    Chin up, tits out, Mr Mags.

  4. I think we’re all crumbling, it’s just a lot of crushing weight heaping upon us all, isn’t it? I bought a shitload of washable Fabric Masks since the disposable kind were in short supply anyway and were flimsy and not very Stylish. Stay Safe and Be Well.

  5. Cothes too big ?! Caramba MsScarlet ! Most people I know struggle to not burst the seams, me included. I was never very fond of the colour black, and I think I do not own black clothes, besides some socks and a few t-shirts. I must grin when I see middle-aged men wearing large black t-shirts or somesuch, all in order to hide the belly. Don’t know if it is still a la mode today, but usually art historians wore such an outfit, Kunsthistorikerschwarz

    Hello and welcome Bohemian, thank you for your first comment here.
    I saw some design masks just the other day (FendI ? I forgot.), bery expensive. Vogue made a list, of course.

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