I do not like loose Enden, things just started / mentioned, and then forgotten or tossed aside ; feels always like a broken promise, a bit.
Due to circumstances, mainly my inability to develop an apt idea, and then the onslaught of the curse of the blogging & drinking (blinking ? drogging ? ) classes – work ! – I did not take part in the contest the venerated MsScarlet hosted in memory of our blogging friend LẌ : The “Did I Win Yet ?” competition, here the results. One should answer two questions (Q1 : b ; Q2 : b), and finally, in the important and artsy part, write down a quote, put it on a chair, and send in the result. Strange vogue that things on chairs, just saying. Yesterday evening I did what had to be done to take part : I grabbed a very soft pencil with my left fist, wrote down something I remember well having heared from L, put the paper on a chair and a little further down you will see the result. The text reads “Are we there yet ?”


Die Botschaft. Sorry, not zoomable.


And while we are at it : Here is the first picture I took this year – ah the unbearable symbolism :

Die Thüre


And here is what I saw this midday three stories down :


So sieht’s aus hier.


8 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. You must hear “sind wir noch da?” from the kids reasonably regularly during your driving job? (I hope I got that right? My German is very poor and mostly forgotten – Bing’s translator thingy had to help me)

    It doesn’t seem that long ago when you were telling us about 30+° temperatures, yet here we are with snow. Time flies, eh? But, perhaps not quick enough when we’re trapped behind closed gates with the outside world clearly visible and inviting all around…

  2. Children ask: “Sind wir schon da?” – unpatiently expecting the end of the journey.
    To ask: “Sind wir noch da?” means a strong doubt of still really existing, or maybe being already in other rooms, spaces, or even generally existing. This is my interpretation, subjective, of course.

    This closed garden door is not very inviting and seems not easy to get open. If I would like to enter the garden on the other side, I would climb over the fence.

    3rd: To look from a balkony straight downwards does not necessarily mean to have an overview.

    Poor associations of a lonely Suebian … I will have a beer now.

    This damned pandemia causes a lot of damages. Stay healthy and in a good mood.


  3. Close, IDV, close, but not the bull’s eye. It’s “Sind wir bald da ?” – in the sense of “how long does this boring ride still take ? Go faster !” “Noch” points more in the direction of still, of “übrig bleiben”this leads in a dark existentialistic corner, are we still alive ? See Anna’s answer.

    If I remember it correctly, alittle to the right of the door the green fence ends, there is a gap large enough to let a human in. So this door has only symbolical value, a small practical, and absolutely no protective.
    Overview – bah ! One must look down, best hunched like the Glöckner. I remember having see a comic strip with Charlie Brown – ?
    Engele flieg !

  4. My German is so tattered (it was never good) I do not embarrass myself or others now.
    But, I got the drift IDV

    Mr Mago! Your boarded-up gate in the un-fence is brilliant! Magritte lives.

  5. Rene runs a beer & fries tavern in a disreputable suburb of Bruxelles. While he does the tab, a fat guy called Elvis does the kitchen. His burgers are amazingly not that bad.

    Once a year melancholy is nice to feel, for me this can take even a bit longer than just a few days. Then I have to make some effort to climb out of the blue hole. The muse’s discomfort, as Albrecht put it.

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