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I slept very badly last night, so I got up in the early morning and switched on the computer. I had looked at different websites before I read a headline mentioning “Jewish space lasers”, used to start wildfires, obviously. Yes – it has something comfortable to realise that some things never change : From poisoned wells in the middle ages, to kids butchered for breakfast pasties, and now “space lasers” : The Jews, hook-nosed deity killers (as Mr Knudsen called them once) that they are, caused it, whatever it is.
The bottomless pit of abysmal dumbness, who peddles this & others stories of this calibre, is a woman elected to represent Georgia, or a part of it. Of course she has the “full support” of the fromer president turned domestic terrorist, of course she is a member of the socalled “republican” party. I have no idea how many votes one must bring together to reach the position this person has reached, if a certain Mr Gerry Mander helped or someone’s money, it is in the end absolutely pointless – all I do know for certain is that who ever voted for this person, is as braindead and dumb as she is. There is absolutely no difference to the murderous mob who stormed the Capitol in this unprofessional attempt of a coup, just three weeks ago.
I do not like Moscow Mitch, he knows his Machiavelli too well for my liking. But there is a slim chance that deep inside he knows that something like a constitution exists. And that one can serve only one master – in this case, the constitution or the homegrown terrorist. He understood that if he wants to keep this party together, he has to get rid of the has-been. And this chance was served on a silver plate when the still-president fired up the mob. So Moscow Mitch did nothing against a second impeachment.
On comes another Kentucky creep, and asks the fifty honourable senators of the socalled “republican” party, whether they deem such a step, an impeachement, consitutional. And fortyfive say “no”. I do not believe that Moscow Mitsch expected this. They side with the vulgarist, with the domestic terrorist, they side with the mob. Because they are cowards who do not have the guts to tell the braindead, who believe in “Jewish space lasers”, to shut up and go home. Out of sheer greed and self-interest they do not risk to get voted out of their cosy jobs – do not call it “office”, these guys have no idea about officium, forget alone res publica. Yes, Pelosi is right, the enemy is within the house, telling stories about “Jewish space lasers”.

What helps, and offers a little bit of consolation, is a bagatelle in F-minor, from BEETHOVENs last sketchbook. Paul BARTON is an English pianist. I hope you like the music.
I really do believe that truth is simple, like this little piece of music. “Jewish space lasers” are complicated. Was fallen will, das falle.



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I don’t like it when you don’t sleep well.
    Well that was a short piece of music, I hadn’t even finished thinking about the brain dead when it stopped.
    Some people are complete twats, and sadly they seem to be stuck that way.

  2. I blame me lack of sleep on the Jewish space lasers : They lighht up the moon, so that I can’t sleep. They do this on a regular basis …

    As I read here this short piece is within a Streichquartett, Ludwig just noted anything down where he found space. And this sketchbook was seemingly unknown unti 2008 or 2009. “Kullak” is the family name of a 19th century dynasty of German painists, and somehow one of them must have gotten this sketchbook into his posession, it is now kept in Berlin.

    I strongly believe that any human being can un-twat. All this qanon bullshit is soo bonkers, the “space lasers”, Jewish or not, are so idiotic – can someone who has not lost all his marbles seriosuly believe this crap ? There must be a way back MsScarlet, otherwise a big share of not only the USAmerican population, but also the European, would be irretrievably lost
    I was accused of being a misanthrope, several times, but I am not. Man is seducible and corruptible, lazy, and ready to “believe” what suits him best. But man is also capable of seperating thruth from un-truth – just look at it, whatever it is. A swine, painted orange, in a suit, is still a swine. An antisemitic lie is a lie. As those fellow humans who descend into the madness of conspiracy theories proof, it is possible to change the world view. It must be possible to change this world view back, it can not be a one way street. If it is a one-way-street, we are bound into an age of darkness, an anti-enlightenment. Could be interesting, violent, but interesting.

  3. I disconnected from all that gobbledegook conspiracy nonsense months ago.
    Because I have friends whose line of communication is Farcebook, I did look, daily, to see if they were sending me a communique. Then I turned off the drivel.

    Life is difficult enough with a raging pandemic to contend with.Silly people are no help!
    Thank you for the Ludvig bagatelle.

  4. I don’t have any headspace for idiots like that woman from North Georgia. She and her elk need to be removed from Congress and never allowed to hold elected office again! We will never have unity in this country until we have justice!

    Thank you for the music, sweetpea! xoxo

  5. You live on the backside of the flat earth DInahmow, so the space lasers do not reach you. Cool to learn that you have farcebuk there too … Okay, I quit now. DO you think I have a chance to get elected when I keep up the good work ?

    According to those fortyfive senators there is no need for further action Savannah. One idiot even brought the argument that it would be useless to have a trial, because the accused is now a private person. Cool, that. So if Adolf resigned on the 7th of May 1945 there would have been no need for a trial, because the old man is a “private person” now. These basteds do not only abandon “justice”, they outright abandon the law. All one had to learn from the last corrupt presidency is that “the law” is an ass for the little people – from a certain level upwards you are above the law, because you are connected / related, or rich. You can see the erosion of society’s fundaments at work. In the end the stuff that keeps a society and a state together is trust : Trust in each other, trust in the rule of law. Look at Amurga now. For an outside onlooker it is dominated by distrust, fear, and violence. One has not to be a notorious pessimist to presume that it will implode within the next generation.

    Fast food workers usually take their jobs serious, simply because their livelihood depends on that minimum wage jjob, and they can be fired easily. The billionarioes ruling the US do not get fired, hence their frivolity. But again, Melanie, it is just an outsider’s impression. And of course, we have some idiots in our parliament/s too. But this self-destructive streak is missing in European politics

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