Sunday Music & Thingy

I still feel weak, and doubt that I can step out tomorrow to buy necessities. This started last week when i was rummaging in my kitchen. It was cold while I busily lifted things around, the room still looks like a minor construction side.
I asked a young man to buy me things because I really was wobbly, he fulfilled his task with admirable abandon, I was even given a home made semolina pudding and a chocolate blancmange (I hope this is the correct word for Schokoladenpudding, I never fully understood the English pudding language convention). And because he is a nice person he brought me an exotic fruit called mango. This mango came in this :

The unnamed white thing

A picture is worth a thousand words. How do you call this “wrapper” ? It is an industrial product, it is sold & bought over the world, at least where mangos are grown, harvested, packed & shipped. I do not think that a mango-farmer will order “twentythousand mango thngies, white” – there must be a proper name for this object. If you had to inventory it, what would you write in the list ? I could not find it – I blame the mush in my head ! Do you have any idea, venerated reader, how this mango thingy is officially called ?
And while you think about this, listen to Tiffany POON (Eng.) performing CHOPINs waltz in C-minor, opus 64 number 2, I hope you enjoy the music. Now let’s survive another week, shall we ?



6 thoughts on “Sunday Music & Thingy

  1. What a website ! They seem to sell anything – thank you for this IDV. Yes, a variation containing “foam”, “mesh”, & “fruit”.
    Thank you for the good wishes. At the moment I do not see me walk through the village tomorrow.

  2. I hope you feel better soon! I wish I could help you, but at least you have this nice young man! I would have also brought you fruit because its refreshing and provides vitamin C to help your immune system. I would have called the foam ribbing a sleeve, myself. The only way I can think to help is to provide you with another of my favorite saved links that is very brief but wonderful. This lady does faux taxidermy of moths. I really should buy something to support her craft. I get so many wonderful moths here where I live. I have a computer file folder entitled “Moths Etc.”

  3. I would have called it a Mango jumper. Or stretchy protective thingy. I’m pleased that we have discovered the correct terminology.
    Take care, Mr Mags, and eat well.

  4. I heared that wine holds tons of vitamins Dianhmow. AT least that’s what the Sylvaner Society says.

    I can honestly say that you, dearest Melanie, show me things I never have dreamed of before. Thank you for the link.

    I think of it as a Mangostrumpf, a mango sock, MsScarlet.
    Strangely I am not hungry – but I do drink water like the proverbial cow.

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