It started yesterday, and shows no inclination to stop. The forecast tells us that the temperatures will sink continuously over the coming days to minus 15° Celisus at night, while through the day also minus 5°C are in reach.


This midday from my balcony


The greenery I see when I look down


5 thoughts on “Snow

  1. Not really a precipice (I had to look this word up, thank you for mentioning it IDV), or at least a very Franconian precipice. We are looking down into the valley of the Haslach, a little creek that was happily eating away on the hills to the left and to the right. Many trees, some dead &; dry ones should be cut, depends on the land owner.

    Yes, it is always fascinating to see when they start to bloom in spring. Fall colours are strong too, but I think in the last years the “tint” has become stronger. Maybe I am wrong Dinahmow.

    Hey Cie , did you receive my email, an answer to the last collection of your writing ?
    Yes, cold air and asthma bronchiale do not mix very well. Grover – if I remember it correctly – lies at the foot of mountains.

    Glorious pictures ? That old snap ? No way MsScarlet : IDVs golden light, Franconia’s bleakness, all this pales in front of Devon fields’ noblesse – ha, I said it !

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